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Thread: looking for people who are new to the comp scene

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    Default looking for people who are new to the comp scene



    our current medic thinks he's all that and a bag of potato chips. He never practices because he quote "doesn't need to"
    so yea. medics welcome

    you can have 0 experience in comp... it doesn't matter
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    Can can play either soldier (preferably romaer, but can play roaming pocket or even shotgun pocket), and maybe scout if needed. I have subbed for a team, but only 2 or 3 times.

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    I'll be able to play soldier as he's my second main, but will also be available to play roaming if needed. Played comp when it first came out, trying to hop back into it.

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    I have played a little bit of Tf2 center and that's about it. I was on a team about 2 years ago playing medic but I didn't enjoy it that much. I play roamer and scout now.

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    I play TF2PL and tf2center, willing to play scout, pocket, or demo

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    I play a lot of pugs in SA, but I could definitely try to improve my skills playing on steel division on NA, never participated in any league though.
    I can play demoman and soldier, either pocket or roamer.

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    I play medic and some soldier. some expirience with pugs and highlander, but no 6s team yet.

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    I'm new to the comp scene, 3,000+ hours
    I play soldier and can sub for medic
    main acc :
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    Hi, I am average player I am a medic main. I would love to be on your team I have 650 hours on the. But no competitive experience but, I WOULD LOVE TO GIVE IT A SHOT! if you care to add me my steam profile link is: ask if you need any info!
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    Hello I can a be very good medic I have 100 hours on him I also have a mic and communicate well with my team

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    im not sure about medic but if you guys need a scout i'm up for it.


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