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Thread: Season 25 Platinum Spreadsheet

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    Quote Originally Posted by "Minion" View Post
    Blaze on pyro :thinking:
    The day that Blaze plays something aside from soldier is the day TF2 dies xd
    minion. Minion is very funne, but minion must be ded.

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    Oil Spill will be moving from Silver to Platinum in light of the new UGC rules.

    Scout - SpotlightR
    Soldier - Uni
    Pyro - duck
    Demoman - LFP
    Heavy - LFP
    Engineer - LFP
    Medic - beanie
    Sniper - Homeless
    Spy - Nitsta

    Thank you!!

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    What new rules
    zoey stop changing my shit u dumb fairy


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