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    Default looking for players

    looking for players to join my team (civil war) which is a TF2 6v6 team.
    i'm not looking for any class in particular so if your interested let me know.
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    If you are still looking for players i am interested. add me

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    Looking to join, if still looking for players, that is.

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    yo im interested if still, if yer still looking for players.

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    I'd be willing to play, it has been a while since I played competitively so I want to get back into it. I have 1100+ hours on tf2 currently, but I reset my stats so I can't say how long I have on individual classes atm. I have played comp HL and 6s, I am looking to play either Medic or Scout. And my name is Frostbyte.

    Here is my Steam profile, feel free to comment or add me if interested:


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