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    My experience thus far:

    - S12 Steel Soldier main for FITE IRL FGT (4-4)
    - S13 Steel Demo main for Pow. Systems Inc. (4-4)
    - S19 Silver Sniper main for Bright New Future 2 (4-4)
    - S21 Steel Sniper main for Shark Boys (6-4)
    - S22 Silver Sniper main for Bright New Future 2.5 (5-3)
    - S23 Silver Sniper main for Quail Not Kawaii (5-5)
    - S24 Silver Sniper main for Bright New Future 2.3.14 (5-3)

    - S20 Iron Scout main for Blank Bunnies (9-3)

    Haven't looked for a team in a while since I'm usually asked to play for friends rather than tryout. Nonetheless, I've been a great asset to those teams and we always have a lot of fun. I've been playing for quite a while in silver and looking to keep at it. Down to sub aswell
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    2nd place award for how long he's been putting up with my shenanigans. Despite that Asian has been nothing but a great sniper since I picked him up back in s19. He deserves nothing short of a main spot on a solid silver playoff team. I really can't say enough good about this guy.
    "God dammit Pills"- literally everyone

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    man farms hard, one of the most slept on snipers in ugc, pick this man up

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    Biggest sleeper Sniper ever, he's absolutely crazy. Not only that, but he's the most down to earth guy I've met in tf2. He won't hesitate to give you criticism, but he'll do it with love.
    Asian is a complete 10/10 pick up, literally no downsides to him. Amazing comms, amazing DM, amazing positioning, amazing personality, amazing dude.
    Thank you for an awesome season btw!!

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    Very underrated sniper. Definitely a solid player and deserves a very good team. Miss ya dude


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