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Thread: Micahlele LFT Silver Spy/Sniper

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    Default Micahlele LFT Silver Spy/Sniper

    Im Micahlele and i want to get serious this season for silver. I want to imrove and test my skills in mid-high silver as a main player. I am very available for scrims and try to keep things positive.
    Add me here:
    1.8k hours.
    300 on spy
    140 on sniper

    I was also ranked the #4 spy in silver on the stats sheet at the time i left the stats now are inaccurate as they mixed my stats with my old teams new spy.

    Teen Squad-1 Iron Demo Season 16
    Team Amicitia Iron Sub Sniper Season 18
    Team Amicitia Steel Sub Sniper Season 19
    In it to Nguyen it Steel Spy Season 20
    G1 Gangstas Steel Spy Main Season 21 Playoffs 3rd Place.
    The Brave Little Toasters Silver All Class Sub Season 22
    The Brave Little Toasters Silver Engie Main Season 23
    Gaben's Tax Collectors v2.0 Silver Spy Main Season 24 (Left during Week 5)
    Itty Bitty Kitty Committee Silver Multi-Class Sub Season 24 (After Week 5)
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    Micahlele is a good spy with a good heart. He puts in good work and is willing to take constructive criticism from others as a way to improve. He likes to win, and wants to be part of a team that wishes to scrim and play matches seriously with the main goal of doing the best they possibly can. Perhaps even playoffs. He has solid dm, good comms, attends virtually all meetings, and is willing to help others. Non toxic as well. He is a solid pick up who understands what is expected of him. He also understand what is expected of others. Give him a try out. I'm sure he'll do fine

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    Bump 1 still taking tryouts Ill also consider playing heavy if i dont get a spy slot

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    pound player!!!!1


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