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Thread: Moose lft plat med s25

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    Default Moose lft plat med s25

    Former spy main looking to move over to med this coming season.
    S19: IBKC Steel Sphee Sub
    S20: IBKC Silver Medic
    S21: S9 Steel First place Spy
    S22: S9 Silver Sub Spy
    S23: A9 Silver 3rd Place Spy
    S24: S9 Silver-Moved to Plat- Spy
    S22: DMO Steel Med Main
    S23: HTG Steel Med Main
    S26: Week 6-> WeWin co-main med
    Sigafoo Sevens:
    S3: Shroom Gang: Main Med
    i'm actively playing pugs as med (~230 pugs as med in hlpugs and 30 on faceit) and have played a few scrims as med with my team.
    Open to criticism, available on weekends and mondays, have discord/mumble blah blah blah.
    Add me for anything else.

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    really good medic, he is doing v well on my rgl team. please pick this man up.

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    genius pug medic
    zoey stop changing my shit u dumb fairy

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    gives me heals in rgl and 6s, and carries teams. sooper good

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    spy main playing med, unstoppable

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    I am now officially a platinum medic after playing med against door and I must say... I pounded

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    for being a "spy main" this man is incredible on medic and I would trust him with my own life. please give him a good home he can play mid plat no question

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    whether moose makes a silver team or decides to play in plat... he has the skills to do both. he has consistently impressed me with his skills in both aspects over the season. good luck moose!

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    he's the only off-classing PUG medic I ever liked, he's also a Supernatural fan so you already know he's a good person

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    he unironically plays pug medic regularly sober

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    -pops when you tell him to

    debatably top 5 off of this alone

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    he's good and he's willing to listen to criticism, what more do u need from a medic


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