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Thread: flu walrus lft s25

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    Default flu walrus lft s25

    hi our team wont be going on next season so i just wanted to put this here. I mostly play engineer but i can also kinda play heavy. looking for a high silver team or plat if that happens. thx

    S19 Steel Team Amicitia on sub heavy (3-4)
    S20 Steel Team Amicitia on main heavy (4-3)
    S21 Silver Alpha Orionis on main heavy (1-4, team died)
    S22 Silver The Fireplace on sub engineer (5-3)
    S24 Silver ebola world on main engineer (7-0 currently)

    i love winning and id like to improve even more

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    He's definitely good enough to play plat engie. Very good at guarding his sniper and holding down a flank without dying. Definitely better than a lot of the low plat engies currently, he's worth a try out.
    zoey stop changing my shit u dumb fairy

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    Surprisingly good! He's going to be the next Spades Slick. Definitely give him a tryout.

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    flu walrus is the best player on miramar

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    aww spu thats so cute
    ps flu walrus got good rly fast and is prob gonna get better with a plat team


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