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Thread: LFT s25 Scout, Soldier, Heavy, Engineer, Medic

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    Default LFT s25 Scout, Soldier, Heavy, Engineer, Medic

    Looking to play Scout, Soldier, Heavy, Medic, or Engineer next season in Silver/Plat, can sub or main, though I may be required to sub due to time constraints.

    Past Experience:
    S19 Steel Scout for the Waterboys / 3-5
    S20 Steel Soldier for The Steakhouse / 7-4 / 2nd place consolation
    s21 Steel Scout & Soldier sub for Seductive 9 / 11-1 / 1st place
    S22 Silver Scout for Quakstreet Boys / 3-5
    s23 Silver Scout & Soldier sub for Ace 9 / 9-4 / 3rd place
    s24 Silver Scout & Leader for Bright New Future / 4-3 (rn)

    Numerous seasons of Steel Scout/Med
    s25 Silver Scout for Bae Material / 7-3 / 2nd place
    s26 Platinum Scout for SDPAC / 3-3

    Numerous seasons of Silver/Gold 4s Soldier.

    I'm extremely open to constructive criticism and adapting to different playstyles. I'm also very dedicated to improving and trying my best, though I do not expect a completely serious environment as that's not exactly what I'm looking for, but I also don't want a team that fails to try their best.

    My schedule is pretty open, though I do play 4s on Friday at 9:30 and my Saturdays can tend to get busy due to irl plans.

    Feel free to add me, if my friends list is full (which it usually is), just leave a comment on my profile. Also willing to help lead, as I'm leading Bright New Future this season (Finding mains/subs and scheduling scrims). Lastly, I don't believe I'll count as 0.5 Plat next season like I do this season.

    Thanks for checking this post out, I hope you'll consider me. ^^
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    Super cool dude, really cares about the game as shown by his dedication on his forum posts. This man is a next level pick up. He's only gonna get better with how much he cares about the game. A super good pickup for high silver/low plat

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    You're going to have an incredibly hard time finding someone more pleasant to play with than spotlight. The dude's got such a great attitude, damn good player, and I only see him improving at a consistent rate. Just be wary if you invite him to your discord, he'll abuse the @everyone command.
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    spotlight's always been a great guy, there isn't a doubt in mind he's also a great player. give this guy a good home!

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    Playing against this guy through a season i can already tell the strong passion he has for this amazing game. And hes improving pretty quickly. Give him a shot.

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    Cool dude, amazing player. Really nice and can play TF2 pretty well. I would highly recommend him to any high silver team. Give him a shot and give him a good team.

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    i love spotlight so much get this boy on a good team he deserves it

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    he's a lot of fun to play with, a great player, and very smart (see spotlight's spotlight weeks 3 and 6). def worth a tryout and a main spot, pick this brother up

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    Really nice and cool guy who gives his best effort in everything he plays, and cares for the teams that he plays on. I'd say pick him up!

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    give spotlight good team pls, his compassion for this game is amazingly high and will try his hardest to win
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    Amazing guy, great player and he would be great to have on your team.

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    if u @everyone one more damn time u are dead

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    I literally haven't since like February !!!

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    he has gotten better last time i played against him in s22 I'm laying on the floor and rolling around because idk what to do


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