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Thread: LFT STEEL EU HL medic main

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    Default LFT STEEL EU HL medic main

    Currently looking for another team to play with. (Must be serious and have a schedule for scrims and official fights.)
    My time zone: GMT

    Name: Cam
    Availability: Sat, Sun, Mon, Tue (from 2pm>2am) [Im always online between those times]
    Classes I can play as - Spy, Sniper, pyro, demo, soldier
    Voice chats I can use include: Mumble, discord (anything else I can look into) [Has microphone that is good quality]
    Age: 18
    from: UK
    Nationality: English
    = = = PROFILE LINKS = = =
    Profile link:
    TF2Center link:

    Interested? Send a friend request and comment that you're interested in me joining your team.
    Any questions just ask.
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