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Thread: Thank you, and farewell.

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    Default Thank you, and farewell.

    Before this begins, I'm going to warn that this is going to ramble on a bit, probably be pretty long, and maybe a bit cringey, but I honestly have a lot to say because of how much this has meant to me.

    Hi everyone, it's zoey, and as of 1/29/2018, I'm going to be retiring from the Highlander scene, and potentially by March 18th, I will be retiring from the game all together. I'm retiring due to orchestra commitments I have every Monday, and I have a lack of passion for the game that hasn't been growing. As such, I decided that this was the best time to call it quits. I am also going to be stepping down as a moderator for UGC as I move on with my life.

    I've been playing competitive TF2 on ETF2L in 2010, and at the time, I didn't really know how long or far I would go with this. If you asked me if I would spend 8 years of my life playing this game in a competitive format, and that my main class would switch four times (Engy -> Spy -> Heavy -> Sniper) I would have laughed, but alas, that's exactly what happened. A long the journey, I met a lot of people, went through both the highest and lowest points in my life, and came out both wiser and stronger than the 13 year old that started it. I think by far the most important thing I can take away from this are the people I've met throughout my years of playing, and the countless friends who have been here for me, through thick and thin, and I'm going to take this post to mainly thank them, so without further ado...

    I want to first thank the players of TD and DM for the times I had in ETF2L, while they are a bit fuzzy, we all enjoyed the beginnings of Highlander together (albeit with 200 ping since I wasn't at the time aware of an NA Highlander league.) But more importantly, and more vividly, I want to thank Darth Pops and everyone I met on my first UGC team, It Burns When I pvp (which is the best team name to ever come out of UGC.) You took in a dumb ass kid after I bragged about my spy skills on a badwater tf2lobby game, and from there, the journey really began. You saw something in me as the season went on, and helped usher me into the first major team I was apart of, The Cuties.

    And I have a lot of people from The Cuties (and by extension, the Bv crew) I want to thank. Melon Lord, smobo, Danish, Monkey, IssGonRain, gravity, bala, sneaky are a few that come to mind out of the countless people to grace that roster. Despite the fact I missed two matches because I slept through them, they still treated me with respect (bala with the tough love treatment i needed), and even though my time there was only for one season, it was filled with people who I still care about and those who I've grown the closest with. Also in this time, I met some of my other great friends in UGC, such as brick (Goku), Kumori, Bobby, cactus, Kai, BOON, audie, arzt, trixie, discario, water, psycho mantis, femme fetale and countless others. Long gone are the days of IRC pugs on mix.nahl and pug.nahl, but the memories I've had in those days are some I still think back on and smile upon.

    After that, comes one of the most important teams I've been on, and one I talk about endlessly, that being the Independent Fighters Alliance, or IFA. I think more importantly than us winning Silver in Season 13 were the lessons that two people on that team taught me, being Jay and Purge. Both of them shaped me and taught me life lessons after scrims due to them seeing this angry, toxic kid on their team, and the amount of patience they had into helping me was nothing short of legendary. I don't know if either of you will read this, but if you do, I love both of you guys, and I wanted to thank you for helping mature me into the person I am today. Also, I met more amazing people in that journey, such as wish, messiah, crossfire, Malent (may he rest in peace), mariposa, pie hero, daft kid, and the other people who made those two teams what they were.

    Even though I rave about IFA, I was on one teams roster for a longer time than IFA, that being Dedoris. DOOR. Led by the Chef from the beginning, so many people from that time I also feel like I shared a bond with, some for a short while, and others, for longer. ChiuChiuTrain, YurWill, alphapanda, Sleepteiner, aqua, June, syath, Spec Deck, caboose, zagron (13-81 hahaha), zuchima, shotaway, mojoe and others who I can't remember at the moment, you've all left an impact on my life and I hope I was there to leave one on yours. While I may joke about DOOR time to time saying what a terrible time it was, I kept coming back to it because of how well the team meshed with me (except on sunshine) and I have to say, throughout all teams I've ever been on, DOOR is the one team that has left the greatest mark on me.

    From there on, I drifted between teams, such as Shadowball (Jerrr, Coco, Xena), The Delisi Experience (rhy, super, max), Ayy Lmao Terror Squad (Happy B☹B, LAB8, RockMonkey), and briefly on Bv for stints, but the last two teams that I feel like changed me in a way are Fast Forward, and WALLOP. Firstly, with Fast Forward, I need to thank waxx, oblivion, exile, seven, Teddy, chintatown (eeeeyaaaaa), seven, MrDelDongo, as well as some of the competition I faced during this time, such as watterson, andrew, smilez, and yipyapper to name a few of the countless people I played against. You gave me one last ride on arguably one of the most fun and competitive teams I've been apart, and I'll always think back on how we managed the impossible and beat the kings of highlander in a match we had no business winning.

    And as for WALLOP. I'm extremely proud of the group of guys they have. myk, DOOMBRINGER, smokee, Nerd, Dolphin, Abridge, Lion, and larry, you have something special that not a lot of teams have, and I will always be behind you guys, rooting you on for however long you keep the team alive for. Thank you for giving me a wonderful experience as a sendoff to a gamemode that has shaped and changed my life over the past 8 years.

    And now I'll do my best to keep the rest of this short and sweet as I do want to thank a few individuals.

    Firstly, I need to take this time and thank the entire UGC Admin Staff. Chicobo, Rogue during his stint, snowblind, Forn, Mallory, Crayboff, Bonesaw, Zabi, and especially Kumori. You all are doing a job that is so vastly underappreciated and you put your heart and soul into it. I'm honored to have worked with you all during the past year or so, and thank you for your support and love.

    Second off, wall and bagelrino..., since I met you two in season 15 when we made ruwin ragequit the server because we had a positive mumble environment, I've had so many countless talks with you guys, and you've both remained very close. Thank you for the wonderful memories these past few years. We should get chicken wings if we ever meet up.

    Next, I need to thank the Good Doctor. Alto, we've had a bit of an interesting friendship to say the least since we first met, and despite the fact I've been a complete idiot at times (you too had your share of moments to be fair), and despite the fact I keep removing you, you keep coming back. Not to get too personal, but I think it's honestly fair to say that if we weren't friends and you hadn't reached out to one of my family members, I wouldn't be here right now, because you cared enough to reach out and prevent catastrophe. I don't think I'll ever be able to fully repay you for what you did for me, but at the least, I want to thank you for everything. You are a good man, as well as the good doctor. Also in this line of thought, I need to thank Deaft for reaching out to me during this time as well, and for helping me build my PC despite the fact it took like 3 days of me not realizing I had the wrong screws on. You've been a true friend Joe, and I will always be eternally thankful for you.

    Speaking of Joe more specifically the man who is featured on his profile, I want to thank Spades. In all 8 years of playing TF2, I've only met one person in real life, and that just so happens to be Spades Slick. I'm sorry if I was a fucking awkward P.O.S, but you made a die-hard Lakers fan like the Celtics, so you can take pride in that. I'll never forget the times where you screamed out at golly "GIVE ME THE JUICE", or the casual and fun talks we had. That whole Power Surge roster of Shylo who i will fucking crush under my foot if i ever meet, gollywobbler, jugg, merc, android, protag, and lastly, but most importantly, Unicorn Wizard. Uni, you are the teammate I've played with the most in my 8 years of TF2, we've had a ton of conversations and moments, and you are honestly the one friend most people would die to have. If I was ever going through something, you are the first to reach out to me, to check if I was okay. You are one of the best people I've met in my life, and I do hope we can meet in real life at some point.

    And now, I need to thank my closest friend at the moment. Brandon. The Fallen Gourd. Pyrrha Nikos. Thank you. Thank you for being there for me. You are true, genuine friend, who I value the friendship of so dearly, and similar to Uni, if there is a gamer I could meet, it would be you (or Alto but he will consume me if we meet.) You have some of the most amazing talent on sniper, and I can't wait to hear the day that you are the best player in the entire league, which I don't believe is too unbelievable to say you can reach. You've made your former teacher proud of you, and I am proud to have taught you what I know. Go on and continue your legacy.

    Lastly, but most importantly to me, I want to take this time to remember a man who entered my life five years ago. A man who has helped me in so many ways that I wouldn't be able to recount them all without losing track. And most importantly, a guy who took me under his wing. Miggy, I know you're watching from above over all of us, and while I can't tell you how thankful I am of you for all you've ever done for me, I hope that one day, when all is said and done for me, I can walk through the pearly white gates above and meet you, shake your hand, and thank you. You are always going to live on in my heart Stephen Chavez. Thank you for everything.

    Alright, with that all said and done, I have nothing really else to say, other than I also wanted to apologize for the countless times I've removed people. If you want to re-add me, I will be accepting friend requests and putting a special category on steam where I'll remember who is who, and I promise I will keep you added forever. If I forgot your name, I'm sorry, but it's hard to remember everyone when there's been so many people pass through my life. Even if I didn't mention you, you all left an impact on me, and I'm eternally thankful for UGC for that.

    Thank you all, and I hope you all have wonderful lives.

    - zoey
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    Godspeed, zoey
    It matters not how strait the gate,
    How charged with punishments the scroll,
    I am the master of my fate,
    I am the captain of my soul.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cinder View Post
    alright cya
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    Quote Originally Posted by cinder View Post
    uni, you are the teammate i've played with the most in my 8 years of tf2
    that's an
    U B E R Y I K E S

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    Ur the best, ty for everything

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    ZOEYRINO ^_______________^

    BaGELRINO -_______________-

    I'm going to miss getting crackshot by you, Zoey. :') You're VerY EpiC and I hope orchestra goes really well!!

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    congrats on quitting this game i'll never forget the time you owned bo4r on millstone

    ps get diamond already so we can duo bot

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    We'll stay in touch for the next season of RWBY

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    Quote Originally Posted by SpongeBobCalculator View Post
    What is your gender
    male you simpleton

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    gg man, gl in all your future endeavors. I didn't know Malent had passed, thanks for mentioning him.

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    I love you zoey, and I love Paul you made me spit out my water while reading your posts omfg

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    I'm sorry about all the drama I caused during this preseason. After you left, I took a long time to think about what I did to make you leave, and I should've took so much more of what you said into consideration. I was super selfish and I never meant to hurt you in any way. I hate that we have beef with each other after that because we played on a team together that I care about so much. Wish it could've been different this season and played together, because I know you had the most dedication out of any UGC player.

    I'll miss seeing you in the TF2 scene, and I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors. <3

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    This adds fire to my theory that shadowball gave us all TF2 disease or some shit. Also I’m sorry for getting you into 6s. I would’ve steered you clear had I know you would’ve had to play a scout flank with Spades Slick

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    love u zoey best of luck out there, you can quit the game but try not to be a stranger to the people/community!! will miss ya


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