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Thread: Season 24 Silver STATS Sreadsheet

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    Default Season 24 Silver STATS Sreadsheet

    Who'da thought that two unconnected people would make basically the exact same thing?

    I had some free time and decided to make a spreadsheet of the players and teams playing silver this season, and how they fair to each other stat wise. I made a program that extracts the information from logs, and automatically compiles them on this spreadsheet, and 64,000+ functions organizes the data for you!

    Overview is just the general team statistics, flank, combo and pick classes, Player Rankings is the rankings of all the mains, Team Stats is the teams stats, and at the end is Other, a collection of errors, missing values and whatnot.

    If you have any recommendations on what to put or replace within Overview or Playerstats, throw me a message. Medic's healing stats are completely broken, so take any medic rankings with a small shipment of salt.

    If you'd want to help me, ask a question or whatever, feel free to add me!

    p.s. before you say I put my life into this, it took around 10-12 hours.

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    where is team Show 'em the pine?

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    can yu change ebola world pyro to minti, we were trolling and switched names B]

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    i will not tolerate being publicly shown that i am the worst. . . reporting this spreadsheet to ugc admins.. (stop cyberbullying 2017)

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    i can tolerate TMP being ranked higher then me on pyro

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    porcupine with a free hugs sign = jetz

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    hey acore we're both #2 on our class

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    Loving all these community projects this season!

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    smh mighty ducks didnt have logs in their server

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    Quote Originally Posted by norphel03 View Post
    smh mighty ducks didnt have logs in their server
    Lmao blame waffle, it's his fault for not setting up the server.

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    The spreadsheet has been updated to include the medic stats! Since its only been the first week, please don't take the spreadsheet to literally.

    If anyone would be willing to help with the medic stats, since unlike regular stats, medic doesn't update itself. This means that I need to manually put in the information, which is a pain to do alone.

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    dpm should be total damage / total time or total dpm / 9x#ofweeks instead of total

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    All stats, including healing, has been updated. If you see any mistakes, stat wise or with names, throw me a message.


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