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Thread: Season 24 Silver STATS Sreadsheet

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    WeWin's stats are fucked rn.

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    The players from my team Beyond Kawaii is under wewin's team lol

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    Forgot to purge the list of everything related to Beyond Kawaii, whoops. If you want your name changed, or see something wrong with the names, post the correction here or throw me a message.

    Headshots for spy is still included to help the poor amby mains cope with life. At least they can be feel good about themselves.

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    hey can my name be changed from "ze man with no brain" to osiris, although the first one fits me more

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    idk if its possible to change my name to Joey but if it is thatd be epic

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    hey can you change strugglers sniper to Trees and take out the stats for the first week? I didn't play for the first week.

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    The spreadsheet has been updated, and the doubled stats from the BNF vs. 5gum has been corrected. In addition, i'll still be keeping track of the stats from S9 in this spreadsheet even tho they are playing in Plat.

    I can't delete any of the stats because it would skew the overall team statistics to favor or hinder certain teams. Many teams change many classes throughout the season, and having blanks through-out the entirety of the spreadsheet wouldn't be good.

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    I'm on Razetheworld and not rain 9v

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    change Razetheworld's demoman from OIC Alumni Idris Alba to raxozellet (that was his alias at the time)

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    with a wall of text that big u could stop immigration forever

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    For some reason our players are still mixed up, our roster (C4) has been Knavish on Spy, M@verick on Sniper, and me on Medic since around week 1/2

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    I am no longer playing for Gabens Tax Collectors v2.0 and did not play for them during cp_steel. Thanks -Micahlele


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