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Thread: Copenhagen Games 2018 TF2 LAN - Highlander & 6v6

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    Post Copenhagen Games 2018 TF2 LAN - Highlander & 6v6

    When: Wednesday 28th - Saturday 31st March 2018 (Easter weekend)
    • Tournaments will start at 10AM on Thursday, March 29th

    Where: Bella Center in Copenhagen, Denmark
    Event: Copenhagen Games 2018
    Organizer: Copenhagen Games

    TF2 Tournament management: Esport United / @esport_united
    Production: Esport United

    Make sure to join the LAN Discord, here you can coordinate travels, offer to share accommodation, look for teams or players and get answers to your LAN related questions. This will also be used during the tournament.


    Tournament formats:
    Highlander & 6v6

    Prizepools might increase with more signups, sponsoring and the fundraiser (to be announced).
    • Highlander: €3.000,-
    • 6v6: €3.000,-

    Event tickets:

    PC Rentals:

    LAN location: Bella Center
    • Fly to Copenhagen Airport and take public transport to the Bella Center
      • Metro (change from M2 to M1 at Christianshavn)
      • Bus to Bella Center
      • Travel planner from Copenhagen Airport <> Bella Center
    • Fly to Malmö and taking the train to Copenhagen (+ Public Transport as above)
    • Take a FlixBus to Copenhagen (Airport)

    The Bella Center is very accessible with public transport, you can sleep all over Copenhagen if you wish and am fine with traveling a bit, some suggestions where to sleep or find accommodation:

    Saturday at 22:00 after the LAN the legendary (18+) Copenhagen Games Afterparty starts.

    To be created, there will be a single one for the entire event, this is to keep everything in 1 place.

    Highlander and 6v6 Tournaments
    As some of you might have read in a thread on tftv the Highlander Tournament at Copenhagen Games 2018 got confirmed on January 21st. We can now also announce there will be a 6v6 Tournament at Copenhagen Games 2018.

    The tournaments will be scheduled so that you can participate in both. Streaming of games will alternate between KritzKast & Essentials.

    Let’s make this the most competitive community LAN yet!

    What happens if I get knocked out early in the 6v6 or Highlander tournament?
    There will possibly be a ‘lower bracket’ for remaining teams to keep you occupied on the Friday, provided there are sufficient signups.

    Frequently Asked Questions
    Q: Can I play in the 6v6 and Highlander Tournaments?
    A: Yes, the tournaments will be scheduled so you can play in both (alternating gamemode matches)

    Q: Which rulesets, whitelists, maps will be used during the tournaments?
    A: This will be announced soon!

    Q: Are there showers at the venue?
    A: Yes, no smelly gamers at the venue.

    Q: Do I need to be at the venue on the Wednesday?
    A: No. However it is recommended to set up your (rental) PC or play in the Ultiduo Tournament.

    Q: Can we sleep in the venue until Sunday?
    A: Yes, you can sleep at the Bella Center LAN venue from Wednesday to Sunday.

    Q: Where can I find more info about the Copenhagen Games Hotel Deals?
    A: The hotel deals discount codes will be posted to the Copenhagen Games website.

    Q: Can you drink at the venue?
    A: Yes, but no hard liquor! (Drink responsibly, the tournament organizers might still kick you out!)

    Q: I have more questions not in this FAQ, where do I ask them?
    A: Here in this thread or on the Copenhagen Games TF2 Discord where you can also look for teams/players and coordinate travel and offer to share (info on) accommodation.

    More information will follow later, updates will be posted to the tftv thread.
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    Karl to fly out to Denmark to make sure he is always crowned champion of highlander

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spu~ View Post
    Karl to fly out to Denmark to make sure he is always crowned champion of highlander
    I'm half norwegian but denmark is close enough Kappa

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    i cant find denmark on the map its in germany right, should i be looking for a state or a city

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    Quote Originally Posted by _shotaway View Post
    i cant find denmark on the map its in germany right, should i be looking for a state or a city
    i think denmark is a province of scandinavia

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    i will make NA highlander team at the LAN

    who coming

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    Hotel deals have been negotiated by Copenhagen Games and names + discount codes will be posted to their website after the weekend.

    A Copenhagen Games TF2 Discord has also been set up, to help you look for teams/players, find info for accommodations/travel and to ask questions.

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    my facebook got hacked by a guy from denmark once

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    lucrosa wins this

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    Some deadlines & important dates coming up this month:

    • March 11th @ 22:00 CET - TF2 LAN ticket sales close (this is tonight!)
    • March 14th @ 23:59 CET - PC/Monitor rentals close
    • March 16th @ 23:39 CET - Payment for rentals must be fulfilled to allow for pickup on the 28th
    • March 25th @ 23:59 CET - Team signups on toornament for 6v6 & Highlander close
    • March 28th @ 14:00 CEST - Doors open of Bella Center & rentals can be picked up
    • March 29th @ 10:00 CEST - First games of Copenhagen Games 2018 start

    If you don't have a team yet, you can get this sorted after buying your TF2 LAN seat by sending a ticket to Copenhagen Games support, for finding a team or players, tips for or sharing accommodation & travel buddies check the Discord.
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