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    I'm looking to contribute on a highlander team and such.
    I have a total of about 3885 hours and have moderately good experience with TF2, so i wish to get in the competitive scene.
    I'm not too much of a busy person, usually free fairly often, but i do have school so, yeah.

    User: Heir of Hope
    Mains: I do well with the majority of classes but i do best as Scout, Soldier, Heavy, Medic while I'm moderately good at Pyro, Engineer, and Spy and i'm asinine with sniper.
    Division: Iron (Preferred) or Steel

    Name: Provided when on a team.
    Coast: East Coast
    Name: 16 Years Old

    I do have a working mic and i have discord. :|
    If there's anything else that i need to state, tell me or add me on Steam and message me then.
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