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Thread: recruiting (almost) all main players and subs

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    Lightbulb recruiting (almost) all main players and subs

    NOTICE: After consideration with many team members, we have decided to wait until next season to play. If this is a dealbreaker so be it. We are still taking recruits and training until next season.

    Hello. We are The Wizards: a new, semi-serious steel division highlander team. We're trying to be a friendly gateway for new players to the highlander scene, but experienced players are welcomed too.
    We are currently accepting positions for the following:

    Scout: Sub
    Soldier: Sub
    Pyro: Sub
    Demo: Sub
    Heavy: Sub
    Engie: Sub
    Medic: Main and Sub
    Sniper: Sub
    Spy: Main and Sub

    at least 500 hours in tf2
    at least 35 hours on desired class for main, 30 hours for sub.

    no prior competitive experience required!

    message me for details
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    Id like to play demo for your team
    add me

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    me (med) and my good friend (heavy) would like to join we've both been playing steel hl for some time and both added you.

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    Hey there! I'm an unusual trader but I thought I'd try my hand at UGC. I have over 1700 hours on the game and about 100 on spy, which is what I'd like to try out for. I'd be the main btw, not the sub.

    My profile:

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    Hay man, I'm looking to play medic. I have 1700+ hours in the game and 78 hours in medic.

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    I added you ive reset my hours over the years but i have 1900 hours in the game i play alot of medic probably have at least 300 hours in it i also play soldier i have about 400 in it im new to the highlander scene but would love to play as im very tired of playing in pubs

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    Ill play solider, engineer or scout. I have 600 hours in TF2

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    I'd like to play Spy on your team. I have 2.4k hours in TF2 and 400 hours on Spy. I added you on steam.

    P.S. I have Iron Spy experience with Season 19.

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    I'm returning from a bit of a TF2 hiatus, but I have 1500+ hours in game (vast majority in medic) and played Steel/Silver a couple years back. I'd be happy to try out for the medic position if you're still looking.

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    I have 3700 hours and 1300 tf2c lobbies, I can play engie, medic and spy equally well.

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    I wish to play heavy for your team, hundreds of hours dedicated to heavy and semi-good at flanking. I am also good at protecting the medic, however I am pretty bad at dealing with enemy pyros.

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    Oh and I also have 3,500 hours in TF2 however my skill level is around 1,500

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    I can play Spy. I have 130 hours on him, I have 1,826 hours in the game currently. My steam is If I do not respond, there's a chance I found another team.

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    Hi I added you on steam. I am an engineer and medic main and I am new to highlander. I am looking for a highlander team. Thanks.


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