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Thread: LFP ~ Sniper and subs

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    Post LFP ~ Sniper and subs

    Starting a new team and looking for players.
    You must have 400+ hours and 50 as class wanted.
    Mic is not necessary.
    Comment below if interested.
    If your class is taken/ you don't have much free time you can still message me and you will be accepted as a sub

    Players so far:
    Soldier: Taken
    Pyro: Taken
    Demo: Taken
    Heavy: Taken
    Engi: Taken
    Medic: Taken
    Spy: Me
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    I can sub as spy (540+ hours 110+ as spy)

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    I can play as heavy. (1135hrs, 214 hours on heavy)
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    I can play as demo, spy and pyro
    I dont have 50+ on the account I use right now, thats because I used to play on other accoutsn where I was f2p and deleted all the good weapons because i didnt understand them.
    Anyway, here is my profile:

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    Hey ak8792,

    I'm new in to the competitive scene and I have only played a few lobbies.
    I have 1050 hours in the game and over 50 hours for sniper.
    I would like to maybe join your team.

    TM Hello
    Stats were reset but you can see it's impossible with my hours

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    i can play sniper very good, and fast

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    Hi, I'm interested in your sniper position. I have 4000+ hours in tf2 and around 200+ on sniper.
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    Im new to competitive tf2 and havent played it yet.
    I can play sniper on your team, I have 2700 hrs on tf2 in total and 300 on sniper.

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    I am a sniper main. 1300+ hours. Add me if you are interested

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    Hey my man intrested in sniper spot, 2.2K in tf2 and 750+ on sniper hit me up

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