Hello! My name is Murdoc. I have some experience with the UGC Highlander League.

I have participated in the Winter 2012 Scene in Steel and the Spring 2016 in Silver that was later bumped down to Steel.
I couldn't finish the two due to real life situations what forced me to quit. Since everything is great now I`ve wanted to try this again!

I have over 7k Hours of TF2. very Versatile with all classes. But if you wanted me to pick I would either be a main/back up for: Heavy, Soldier, Demo, or Sniper.

I am on the East Coast! Here is the link to my Steam Account if you want to add me or discuss anything!: http://steamcommunity.com/id/666thedoomm8ste3666/

I have a great microphone as well as Mumble or TeamSpeak at hand. Best wishes and good luck!