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Thread: S24 Silver Preseason Power Rankings

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    Default S24 Silver Preseason Power Rankings

    Hey everyone! Spotlight and I are teaming up and doing this seasons articles for predictions and power rankings! I won't make this post too long, since we have a nicely written monologue all set up explaining our plans!

    You can catch our full article here:

    (For easier reading and the ability to skim read, you should turn on Outline. This is done by clicking on the following: View>Show document outline)

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    Pleasure working with you over the past few weeks or so, I had a great time!
    Thanks again dude.

    I hope you guys enjoy!

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    i forgot silver existed

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    ngl s9 actually looks fat lmfao

    also just letting u know that shadowball lost to me on demoman

    looking forward to TMTheSlenderTroll's big debut in the highlander scene.

    as an actual criticism i feel like the tone kept shifting between formal and informal quite a bit y'all should pick one and stick with it.

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    I'm the best player in UGC, let alone silver

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    ay we got owned dat scrim but i still nut

    On a more serious note though I didn't read much past tier 1 but the tier 1 part looks pretty spot on. Although I think S9 is a bit stronger then spu's team. No hate on Shia but I think maybe there was a typo at the "more than able supporting cast of Shia(games?)/CoolDog to give the team a very strong backbone" part.

    Cooldog will carry us 8)
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    how do u put the the alder/mae/morsca at 9 that's literally 3 high im players on power classes in silver hl.

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    sully and quest left right this second, so adjust accordingly

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    surrender now maggots and you will not be harmed

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    Very nicely done, I like it a lot! Noting for my ego, the rounds we dropped to morton's gaming edge were scrims where we had 4 ringers and a sub. very pleasent article to read hopefully you will keep producing these throughout the season

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    Big mistake saying im agressive. Im possibly the most passive non heal needed demo in HL. Also i think beyond kawaii is gonna be a pound team just cause of dm.
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    silver looks pretty legit this season tbh

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    i dont remember leaving

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    its good ppl are doing articles for silver

    that being said do not ever use plat 6s as a metric for anything rofl

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    I still have choices of being #Freestate's Heavy, a Heavy (tryout) for crate's team, or a Heavy tryout for Kas' new team...
    The final decision isn't set, but I am still trying out at any given chance before Jan 22.

    If any of those teams die during or before the season, I usually go to the other teams as their main Heavy or return to :thinking: (Gotta Blast BLACK) as their Heavy Sub...

    Anyways, Kega has quite enough of time...


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