New to UGC, decided to try and look for a team to join for the sole reason of improving my gameplay and supporting a team (and having a few laughs!)

My Steam Profile :

I currently have 1363 hours on TF2 (as of 29/11/2017), with ~200 of them being on medic alone (I did reset my stats once). I did stop playing for a bit after hitting 600 hours a few years ago, however I have recently started to get back into TF2 now and this time I want to play competitively!

I am a team player and highly prefer co-operation and competition (within teams that is), I have a lot of free time and am willing to put in the time to join and set up scrims if need be! I am supportive player and I always strive to improve as a group!

To get in contact, please do not hesitate to add me on steam and message me!

P.S I also have a TeamSpeak3 channel that can be used for scrims and to generally talk and pubstomp!

Looking forward to a reply!