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Thread: what is your least favorite match ever?

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    this is a tie between either a 1.5 hour dustbowl match in the ETF2L Highlander Challenge or our ctf_vitalism match in season 7, i'm not sure which is worse

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    the upward+steel playoff match were three of my teammates left in the middle of game and left the team lmao

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    If i had to play against trelan in silver id wanna die too

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    Soccersteve22 on sniper was the MVP

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    if the spam bot can necro a post that's 2 years old then I wanna necro the 2 week old one with ancient ass season 15 logs

    -ruwin switched to scout because ??
    -our demo was a scout main because ruwin meme
    -our heavy was checked out because he was quitting / getting cut for being toxic and stalking me through our scrim scheduler, after which he went to the $$ jerk and called me a "sensitive bitch" for getting mad when he posted chatlogs of ruwin saying I was the worst person on the team /in the fucking match/
    -our pyro was checked out because she didn't want to play even after we repeatedly asked her if she was ok with playing HL or if she wanted to be done and go back to 6s
    -ruwin only called me "medic" the whole season and demanded I get cut from my own team after that game
    -pretty sure bagel smashed his keyboard in the middle of the match

    that or maybe this 4s match because plr_hysteria is quite possibly the worst thing for ears on the planet


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