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Thread: shaayy lft sniper

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    Default shaayy lft sniper

    i wanna play again

    s19 // pine // steel // 2nd

    s20 // pine // silver

    s21 // sb! // plat // sub

    s22 // AD // silver // *1st*

    high silver // low-mid plat

    cant make most fri-sat, sun/mon are no issue

    i count as plat

    if u dont wanna pick me up because of the ban thats all good

    add me

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    honestly he sucks LOL

    jk hes p good id recommend him

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    my fuckin boy

    pick this man up hes fucking crazy

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    Sooo good. Pick him up for ownage

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    my boy shaay is back and needs a home. If you don't pick up this man you're throwing.

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    He's cheated (on me) before and he may cheat (on me) again. Still a good kid though, even if he cheats (on me)

    (pick him up, he's been playing a lot of fps games in his absence and rustiness shouldn't be an issue)

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    get him hes good and not rusty despite being jailed for a few months

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    hes so good he got banned

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    "nvm lol" -ac team

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