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    Hey, i'm looking for a team for Season 24 of Tf2UGC Highlander. I'v never played UGC before, though i do play TfCenter, and I would like to get into the "real
    competitive (not tfcenter or that in-game matchmaking garbage ). I don't care what team I play on i really just want to improve at the game as well as playing comp. I main spy (i know ANOTHER spy main), but i also really enjoy playing roamer too. I have about 430+ hours of spy, about 900 hours total class playtime (not my steam record but my class hours added up), and do know a decent amount of what to do as a comp spy. Thanks, heres my steam profile, feel free to add me, because that would probably get the quickest response from me. (oh also i would rather play main vs being a sub if possible, i'm on pretty reliably) NOT LFT anymore
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