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Thread: Backburner Ban

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    Default Backburner Ban

    I'll just leave this here.

    Credits to Tobbby TF2 for this video.

    If you can't watch for whatever reason, the Backburner allows you to turn around to deal crits to enemies that were previously facing you. It's based on player orientation at time of hit.

    A quote from SigSegV on Reddit.

    Oh dear.
    The old flame code determined whether to do backburner crits by, at the time of flame entity collision with a player entity, taking the dot product of the enemy's facing direction with the flame's velocity vector, and comparing it with a threshold to determine if the angle was within the desired limits.
    The new code still does mostly the same thing; however, while it still does the dot product comparison at the time of flame entity collision, it now uses the attacker's facing direction at that time, rather than the flame's velocity vector.
    Which, as you might imagine, is problematic. And of course that technical change perfectly explains the behavior seen in this video.
    I'll see what I can do to get this fixed this ASAP.
    (I still haven't gotten around to finishing reverse engineering all of the new flame code... hopefully I'll find time for that soon, so that I can be more useful when it comes to these various flame-related problems.)

    I will admit it adds a very stupid but slightly fun (as the pyro) little mind-game counterplay where the victim tries to look somewhere to the side so they don't get crit.
    But being able to walk at an enemy that's looking at you, turn around and get crit flames is a little silly.

    So do we call it the BANburner or the BackBANner now? Either way, this weapon should probably be banned for the time being.

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    #FreeTheBrickburner #BanJohnny

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    getting crit almost doesnt matter cause flamethrower melts u instantly anyway lol but yeah ban it

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    Dutch oven vs easy bake oven
    Ban it

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    that's actually really funny but ban it
    Pretty cool and interesting how as soon as I post a single reply I’m flooded with hundreds of messages and comments calling me loser and gay

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    Using it legitimately was actually a little bit viable now too :<. Might as well ban until a fix comes.

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    Ban shitty wepon

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    this seems like what they intended

    gonna have to disagree with this DOWNFRAGGED
    hey :>

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    LOL this explains so much.

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    "allegedly" fixed in the latest patch should be unbanned now if it was ever banned in the first place (including hlpugs)

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