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    Default Lord badass lft

    I dont wanna lead next season, I just wanna show up, poot, and frag out.

    DpM will stick around as A.D with dev and arzt leading. if I dont get a better offer im sticking around there.
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    The Green Heavy

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    the leader and giant brain behind WeWin, and one of my best freds

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    ronnie j has gotten soo much better at heavy since the start of the season. it'd be a disappointment (heh) to not see him playing on a mid-high plat team

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    great dude. gave me a shot at maining in my first season in plat.

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    He is my friend so that is Good
    Somehow we've come to believe gaming isn't a sport. Somewhere someone told us that it was a waste of time. A hobby. Truth is I grind. I feel pressure, use teamwork, plan, strategize, practice, practice and practice some more. I have a better reaction speed than most athletes. So PLEASE tell me its not. PLEASE tell me its a waste of time. PLEASE fuel me.Because I hit the keys harder than you hit the court. After I win this 100k Ill look, smile and say; This is eSports.


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