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Thread: Miggy Appreciation Thread

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    Great guy that worked behind the scenes to make my UGC experience better and his videos of hackers never failed to get a laugh out of me. I wish I could have been as helpful of a community member as him during my time in UGC.

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    Miggy and I have been romantically involved for about a year. In 2015 he took time away from GXL to make a personal visit to me. We went out and got coffee, and then had dinner. We also spent time in the mall doing some shopping, then went to an arcade and had a blast. I remember us saving each other from the jaws of the T-Rex in the Jurassic Park game, following that we had fun with a few racing games and shooting some zombies. Receiving a hug from him was like getting squeezed by a big, warm bear.

    As time went on we went separate ways with no hard feelings between us, both of us had things going on in our lives at the time so we couldn't commit to the relationship. However, we remained very good friends and awesome workmates in the admin team. I'll also never forget all the fun shenanigans we had playing TF2 and Rocket League.

    He's the kind of person that when he says he will do something, he WILL do it. Man of action and keeping his word. When my computer kept dying due to a faulty graphic card he said he would help. Even after we went our ways he helped me pay for a new one. Truely a testament to his great character!

    We were each other's pillar of support. Miggy was always my staunch defender and helped walk me back from the ledge many a time.

    He was also the kind of person who hated bullshit and wasn't afraid to call it out for what it was. He didn't care if you were his friend or not, he would call you out if you spoke bullshit.

    I helped support him with FLAN and his passion for TF2, as well as his plugins. I enjoyed working with him in UGC and being used as a stick to poke POV demos out of players he thought suspicious. We kept very healthy communication, every day was something different.

    Miggy was literally a GIFT to Anti-Cheat. He was the best damn AC admin we've ever had and he had an impeccable eye for catching heckers. To echo snowblind, Miggy paved the AC field in UGC for years to come.

    It feels just like yesterday we were talking and having fun, he was a very upbeat guy and was determined to kick cancer's ass. But things changed when his cancer came back for a second time and had its grip on him. He was admitted into the hospital for immunotherapy, as chemo wasn't an option. He remained strong and determined to kick cancer's ass again, saying it would be a 12 week treatment. His therapy though had major complications and I can't go into detail without wanting to punch something. He deteriorated quickly but we kept in touch on Snapchat, giving him support and showing him things that helped give him a smile. He showed me all the horrible things he was hooked up to, and his mother by his side. His Snapchats and Discord DMs soon became few and far in between. Eventually I stopped hearing from him on Discord in early October as he became too weak to use technology, and his Snapchats becoming even more sparse. Early November was around the time I last heard from him on Snapchat. He stopped answering then.

    We spent many years as great friends and working closely together in the admin team. Losing him hurt me on several levels, and losing him hurt us a community.

    I can't even imagine the pain that his mother is going through. A parent never expects their child to go before them. I can only hope that she finds comfort and the strength to persevere through these trying times from her loved ones and from our thoughts and prayers. Miggy's mother, if you're reading this, please know that you raised an awesome son.

    Rest in Peace, Miggy
    UGC Head Admin

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    Everything Snowblind said was perfect. I can't overstate how impressed I was by Miggy. From the first time I worked with him, he displayed remarkable trustworthiness and dedication to helping out. We worked closely for a time, and I'm glad he was there with me.

    I really grew to love his honesty. He felt more real than anyone, and that was a big part of why he was an incredible friend.

    Rest in peace buddy. You made the world a better place, and I'm proud of you <3

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    Thank you for everything you've done for the team fortress community

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    Miggy was such a selfless guy. I looked up to him, every time I thought there was a hacker, he'd always take care of it and go way out of his way to find out if they were legit or not. I'd never been to Flan before but I know he did a lot of work and gave up a lot of money and time to set them up, his dedication to this game and community was incredible. And his personality was so genuine, he was kind and respectful, I wasn't close with him but I will truly miss him. Rest in peace Stephen.

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    honestly it might not be my place to say this but i would really want to thank miggy for being there as a friend in hard times, for doing his best to guide me irl and pushing me to do better things, and for helping me get the fuck away from gaming


    edit: throback to when his plugin literally did more than esea ac

    [10:30 PM] miggy: my plugin caught em using b4nnydll shit
    [10:31 PM] miggy: 8)
    [10:31 PM] rich: how does ur plugin catch b4nny dll
    [10:31 PM] miggy: magic

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    I had gotten to know Miggy throughout TF2Stadium and a bit here in UGC. I met him in person at GXL 2015 and he was the absolute life of the party and the highlight of my trip there. He made me feel incredibly welcome when I was very awkward and barely knew anyone. His contributions and enthusiasm to the community directly inspired my desire to take a role in helping the community. I only knew him for a brief time and he made a passing impression on my life. His raw passion and honesty quite literally made me try to be a better person. I looked and always will look up to him.


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