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Thread: Miggy Appreciation Thread

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    Default Miggy Appreciation Thread

    Our friend Miggy, a dedicated TF2 player & community supporter is in a very tough battle against cancer.
    He needs our prayers and messages of support and appreciation.

    Miggy is now in the hospital and his friends and family are with him - Please send him some kind messages, we will relay them to him though friends IRL.
    It is Miggy Appreciation Month!
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    From me:
    At UGC miggy has been our friend on the Admin team for some time, he has been the Head Anti-cheat admin for the past couple of years. The efforts he contributed to the TF2 players & community were considerable - He earned my respect and appreciation early on, with his dedication & hard work.

    Thanks Miggy.
    Big Thanks.
    Don't waste my time, be real, be serious and you will get that in return. I always assume people are well-intentioned, until it is proved otherwise.

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    thank mr. miggy

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    Thank you for everything you've done for this community. Putting that much of your precious time and effort into this game is what makes people from all around the world enjoy being the part of the TF2 history all together.

    We wish you to stay strong in your tough fight.

    Sincerely and with love from Russia.

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    I haven't known Miggy very well on a personal level, but I know from his involvement in the community over the years that he's put a gargantuan amount of work into the maintenance of this league and the preservation of the game as a whole.

    Thank you, Miggy.
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    Thank you Miggy for all that you've done for UGC. Stay strong!

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    Miggy and I have had nothing but pleasant interactions in and outside of TF2. From making Tim and Eric references, messing around in Minecraft, or even just talking about A/C I would rarely catch him in a bad mood. Wish nothing but the best for Miggy and his family.

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    Miggy is a smart and good man. Stay strong and thanks for everything that you do.
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    The best way I can describe Miggy is that he's simply a good person. Everything he's done for the league and TF2 has gone a long way and then some. Not to mention he's a great guy, too. Get well soon Miggy

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    He contributed a lot to the tf2 community and especially hl. I hope you're comfortable Miggy.

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    miggy was so nice to me and very helpful when I couldn't come to FLan, i appreciate everything you've done and I pray for your victory against cancer!

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    Nothing but respect for Miggy, been missing your youtube videos.

    Hoping to see you pull through.


    RIP Stephen "Miggy" Chavez

    I have fond memories of just bullshitting with him in mumble, and providing him demos of some of the people I reviewed *cough* vlad *cough* so he could have examples of what cheats looked like, and having long discussions about random bullshit in TF2, esports in general, anxiety, depression and several other topics... I miss talking with him was always a good experience, also loved seeing his memes and memeing on cheaters. His looking for team post and video for 6v6 tf2 is the stuff of legends along with damn near every other youtube video of his. I hope you're in a better place now, you deserve it more than most of us.
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    I have so much love for you, and I cherish all the time we've had together. You've been a mentor to me and a friend to me, and we have so many memories. Keep fighting, and keep positive. You have so many friends here. All of us are with you. Thank you for being such a good friend to me.

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    Miggy's been a delight to play with and against over the past seasons. I remember closing out the last summer fun season two years ago by getting owned by him in glorious fashion (with pun intended) in quite glorious fashion on Vanguard. I also remember hanging out with him in Cactus Canyon and just kinda messin' around in pubs in general in the middle of the week. I incredibly admire his passion for anti-cheat and all his organization for FLan and promoting the TF2 HL community. I wish the best for him and his friends and family.


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