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Thread: lft caboose s24

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    Question lft caboose s24

    team history

    im looking to play anything except for engie, demo, medic, and pyro at a mid-high silver/plat level

    i mostly played heavy and scout, besides the ones mentioned above, i believe that i can perform decently at nearly any class

    i will probably have commitments to esea so if picked up i may not be able to play 830est scrims

    hmu here

    if picked up i can guarantee at least two backstabs on the medic every round

    i have also defeated bruce lee, jet li, lee harvey oswald, and ainsley harriot in hand to hand combat, at once, while limboing under a pole roughly 2 cms high, with every limb broken in nearly twelve places, attached to a gurney, skiing downhill in the olympics, while also playing and defeating 3 grandmaster chess players simultaneously, and defeating cthulhu, causing hurricane harvey, irma, and maria, within the course of 12 seconds

    overall i believe i can be a good addition to any team

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    He's so fucking good please give him home


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