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Thread: LFP s24 everyone main & sub

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    Default LFP s24 everyone main & sub

    Just made a new team and im looking for players. There is no competitive experience required, but it would be nice if you had some.

    Please add me on steam:

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    adding for either pyro or medic but I am fairly competent in anything else (except demo (out of practice)) so it's just a matter of what you need. A few thing to note:

    --> I don't really have experience in competitive other than being a merc 3 years ago (unless you consider valve competitive as experience)
    --> Even though medic has the least amount of hours on my profile, I am well versed in the dos and don'ts of being a competitive medic (the reason for the lower hours is because being a medic in pubs is beyond frustrating).


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    Added for Engie,

    Here's my resume

    Edit: Hey Jyp, cant add you rn, mobile steam not working
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    hello added to play spy if open

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    I can snipe if you want me.

    5000+ hours
    I think like 1.5k including resets on sniper alone

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    Heres what I bring to the table as a pyro:
    - Constant spy checking
    - Instinctive reflects
    - Knowledge on the Highlander format
    - 1807+ hours of experience
    - Memes

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    tryout me out on pyro

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    Added for med tryouts

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    I added for main or sub scout, solider, or spy.
    Contact me if interested.


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