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Thread: Looking for Medic, Pocket, and Scout ( Starters )

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    Default Looking for Medic, Pocket, and Scout ( Starters )

    - Requirements

    > Must have some form of exp on a team
    > Must have Discord and a Mic
    > Must be able to schedule a day u can interview with me ( once u get in contact with me i will give u questions )
    > Must be able to pass a uber counting test and a main calling test ( only applies to Medic and Pocket )
    > Must be able to play in all 3 leagues ( Tfcl , Esea , and Ugc )
    > Must not have a Private account or a new Account ( if so please msg me why that is )
    > Must be able to play on these days and times ( times : 9:30 and 8:30 est ) ( days: weds , tues , thurs )

    - Your level of dedication on a team will be determined by the remaining roster in a majority vote
    - Only 3 of you will be picked after interview ( this applies to 3 per class ) you will scrim with us after that
    - Im looking for players that wont leave a roster so if u tilt during the predetermined scrim you will be banned

    > Quick heads up

    - The major benefits to all this will be in the interview
    - if u mess around in the interview u will be banned
    - if u have a problem speak to me before interview so we can reschedule
    - We are here to win so bring your A game on

    Good luck to everyone that tries out
    Last edited by [§Đ] Townze; November 7th, 2017 at 09:06 PM.

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    big ego, teammates also had big egoes, very annoying, would not recommend joining his team.

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    Townze has always had an ego since he first joined the competitive scene. He will try to one up you in any argument whether you are the enemy player, team member, or even a friend. His will to win matched by his enormous ego causes him to be either kicked off the teams he's on or causes the teams he has created to disband due to his arrogance. He has become a meme for this reason and quite honestly has made a very poor rep of himself. He is very petty when he wants "revenge" on people who have "done him wrong". He has tried multiple times to get players and teams banned from UGC just because they did something he didn't like. I HIGHLY recommend not joining this team. It is too stressful and genuinely not worth the headache.

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    I would recommend being more laid back in order to attract more serious inquiries regarding your open roster slots. Having a lot of strict guidelines along with poor grammar (I'm looking at all the "u's" and random spaces) is an easy formula to turn people away instead of attract them.
    Also, I'd recommend holding off on the ESEA team and just do a season of UGC with your new roster. Not only will this allow you to get to know your new teammates better, but it also has a chance to save you a few bucks. Imagine you pay for someone's roster slot on your ESEA team and they turn out to not be as good as you once believed. Furthermore, your team was low-mid Silver last season at best. You need to improve more in order to be a serious competitor in ESEA-O now, and improving before applying would save a lot of money as well.


    Quote Originally Posted by VecRot View Post
    -rep banned me because apparently a love for naruto isnt "qualifying information" in an uber counting test?!?!?
    No reason to "troll" this guy in a tryout/interview. If you aren't interested in joining someone's team then need not apply. Let him learn the error of his ways himself instead of wasting his time along with yours.

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    I have had nothing but bad experiences with Townze. Further I can't name anyone who I have talked to that has while I couldn't number the amount who have also had terrible times interacting with Single Drop. Highly recommend you strongly consider your decision before joining his team. It would never do to play for him and learn to hate the game as a result.

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    As a player who has played on this team before i would highly recommend staying away from this team. The main reason that i say to stay away from this team is Townze, he is one of the most toxic, egotistical, and narcissistic team leaders i'd ever had to deal with. If you are looking to tryout this team i would highly recommend you re-thinking your decision.

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    Who deleted all the posts??

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    I tried to DM him and he said "forgot 1" then blocked me. I'm not sure what he meant, but for any potential players trying out he may just block you first thing before you can even talk. Unfortunate, but I wish any one else trying out luck.

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    cloud - Yesterday at 8:18 PM
    townze could i get an interview pls
    Townze - Yesterday at 8:18 PM
    forgot to ban all accounts
    cloud - Yesterday at 8:18 PM
    Townze - Yesterday at 8:18 PM
    u know why you will never get a interview

    ian is a very angery boi

    can indeed confirm he blocks people that he doesnt like, also clutters comms like crazy.

    why do i bother writing this, he deletes comments that paint him in a bad light since he cant take criticism lol

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    Not to join the hate bandwagon, but overall Townze has represented nothing but toxicity and ego in my past experiences with him and what others have experienced with him. I would not recommend joining this team, Townze's overall reputation in comp is something you do not want to be associated with.


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