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Thread: - A Highlander Captain Draft PUG System

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    Beta Update #7 (03/11/18)

    • Substitution System Rehaul Changes #1...
      - Fixed the infamous bug where the dropdown box to substitute in a player would not appear if no one applies for spot
      - Added a system message that is emitted to the captain when no one applies for the substitution spot
      - Substitution notification now disappears instead of persisting on the page
      - Removed the "Hide substitution boxes"
    • Added a pre-ready button (timer starts at 5 minutes; 10 minutes for patron supporters)
    • Fixed warning pick buttons
    • Fixed PUG scores showing up as "undefined" for 5cp maps
    • Fixed the bug where pick buttons were sometimes disabled for captains
    • Timezone on the EU site will now display in CET
    • Captain Elo
      - Elo is now defaulted at 5000
      - Elo on site chat is now rounded
    • Added a privacy policy in the rules page:
    • Updated pl_vigil_rc2 to pl_vigil_rc2a
    • Announcements
      - Announcements can now be advanced by clicking on it
      - Added region based announcements
    • Added a role management system that will allow us to give admin/mod/patron/etc roles without restarting the site
      - If you supported our patreon and have yet to receive your perks, please link your Discord to your Patreon and PM an admin.

    Discord (For anyone to use in order to suggest feedback, talk to the support team, or submit any questions to the team)
    Steam Group (Receive announcements for when PUGs are starting)
    Patreon (Supporting our project will give you a site icon, ability to change the color of your name, longer pre-ready up duration, and more)
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