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Thread: source JAMMIN lft low-mid plat demo

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    Default source JAMMIN lft low-mid plat demo

    (posting for source as he is in jail currently and unable to post for himself)

    jammers probably lives but if it dies i'll play demo for a low-mid team, or medic for a team with friends

    s19 2nd place silver
    s20 1st place gold
    s21 plat playoffs 3rd seed ongoing

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    source is really fucking good

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    source ur a subhuman drug overlord

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    plays from prison and still pounds

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    the face of a gold champion

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    the mans business contests with mine

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    he is good if i say so myself and he is black

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    gaming god ✓ lots of money ✓ hot girlfriend ✓ must be source jamming

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    11:35 PM - source: i am smarter than most
    11:35 PM - source: and i have a sexy gf
    11:35 PM - source: and lots of money
    11:35 PM - source: how have i ever lost
    11:35 PM - source: i only win
    11:35 PM - source: u mad ....

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    source is the most law abiding citizen i know

    pick him up


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