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Thread: Flamethrower bug

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    Default Flamethrower bug

    Its pretty common knowledge that tapping m1 does more damage than holding m1, but check this out (and ignore sov's 240hz vision):

    That was one ammo expended.
    200 ammo -> 199 ammo.
    It just one shot a light class.

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    Welcome to Team Fortress 2. After 9 years in development, hopefully it would have been worth the wait.

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    Im pretty sure that means you fired two particles.

    Still, that means the first particle is hitting multiple times a la bison. I bet if you run away as a scout from a single particle you could take like, 195 damage from a single particle lol.

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    this footage is clearly doctored. sovereign isnt playing sniper in this video.

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    ok, so I toyed around with it and I get why it does this. It actually ties into that line where they talk about the consistency of the flamethrower.

    The game now doesn't detect the flame damage based on the particle as an individual. It checks 12 times a second if there is any flame particle hittng the player. And if it is, then it does the damage. Kinda. It still does a flamethrower check back thing, but it does it to another spawned random flamethrower particle which houses the actual visual flame particle.

    It's the exact same damage as if you directly burn him for that period of time. Technically, every flame particle penetrates and deals damage multiple times.

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    why would anyone ever want their game that bright

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    the way particles and projectiles work in this game make nearly zero amount of sense, why are there/have been so many major bugs surrounding them


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