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Thread: Season 23 - Week 7

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    If you really take a step back and observe it, I think you will find that the haters of Sarah and Josh's love are the ones devoid of a similar, loving relationships in their lives. They're merely jealous; quite childish, really. You cannot honestly tell me that you wouldn't ship Chunk from The Goonies and the main character from Slumdog Millionaire.

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    I wonder where Silver matches are!

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    someone reactivate for no bye weeks thanks goodnight

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    Quote Originally Posted by LFT SpotlightR View Post
    I wonder where Silver matches are!
    Chicobo apologizes for forgetting. He's doing it as I type this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LFT SpotlightR View Post
    I wonder where Silver matches are!
    I totally forgot until Sovereign brought it up in the Mumble! My apologies guys, the Silver matchups are up now.

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    RAPTOR > 2w 2-0, 2w has improved a lot recently but I don't see them getting anything off of RAPTOR atm.

    .knd > iBN 2-0, poor poor iBN.

    dK > sb! 0-0, a shame that sb! died so late in the season. They had like 20 people rostered.

    got money > .5 2-0, lots of rolls this week.

    Bv > DpM 2-1, will be close but Bv should be stronger than DpM.


    zzz = A-9, GLHF!

    Σ. > cute 2-1, this will be a close game and I won't be surprised at all if cute takes this one, but my money is on Sigma.

    美的 > Abridge 2-1, Aesthetic seems like a much better team but I can totally see Abridge taking a round here.

    nfz > C4 2-1, dude C4 will take a round here mark my words.

    hold > q!k 2-0, Quail is definitely a decent team but placeholder seems to simply be better.

    B&H > BLT 2-0, BLT has a few strong classes but B&H seems much more well-rounded in comparison.

    Egfug > dukk 2-1, MotW right here, whoever loses this match is out of playoffs for the season, super huge match and will be extremely close as both teams seem to be really good atm. However, if Roser doesn't step up for dukk Tall Horse will allow Egfug to take this one.

    :thinking: > SAR 2-0, :thinking: keeps getting better and better while SAR seems stagnant atm, besides their improved Heavy pick-up.

    IBKC > SiG 2-0, IBKC is simply the better team imo, though I wouldn't be surprised if SiG takes a round thanks to Kyrie and his Demoman.

    T|9 > //5gum 2-1, both teams seem decent but T|9 looks to be stronger after looking at scrim results.

    __ > sm! 2-1, same thing as last week. Wxy and Crowno will allow sm! to take a round but they will end up with a loss.

    POON > BYE, a break!

    GLHF to all teams this week! Weird to see such a classic map being played so late in the season.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RandyWittman View Post
    Collar me daddy
    6:07 AM - Vegan: do NOT shit post on my threads. I didn't kneel to you and give the spot right away. Go the fuck back to silver where you belong and don't talk shit because you have nothing to say

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    2w > jabib (2-0)
    I will always brainlessly predict for 2w

    knd > iBN (2-0)

    dk > sb! (2-0 / 0-0?)

    got$ > .5 (2-0)

    DpM > Bv (2-1)
    I bet DpM pulls some shit and sneaks out a win here. My thought proccess is based on almost nothing.


    zzz > A9 (2-0)
    I heard zzz wasn't allowed to lose rounds in silver

    Sigma > cute (2-1)
    I see a lot more reason to trust Sigma's roster here

    a e s t h e t i c > abridge (2-0)

    nfz > C4 (2-0)

    q!k > hold (2-0)
    quail is older and I know nothing about hold

    B&H > BLT (2-1)
    can't pass up either team really for this match

    dukk - egfug (;lkadsjf;la)
    By some strange forces I ended up on one of these teams and it would ber INAPPROPRIATE for me to comment. No one should forget egfug tho, some experience backed up by good talent.

    :thinking: > SAR (2-0)

    IBKC > SiG (2-0)
    I like IBKC's name better

    Team 9 > //5gum (2-0)
    Team 9 gud

    ___ > sm! (2-0)

    BYE > POON (3-.6)
    Be wary of the bye week. It wins when you least expect it.

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    some plat team let me sub/rosterride thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by smiilz View Post
    some plat team let me sub/rosterride thanks
    hey baby

    Quote Originally Posted by Unicorn Wizard View Post
    Same yes same
    hey baby

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    I asked u to put smilez on the roster weeks ago

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    Bv > DpM 2-1, idk really


    zzz > A-9, 2-1

    Σ. < cute, 1-2 , idk

    美的 > Abridge 2-0,

    nfz > C4 2-0, if nfz doesnt meme? starfruit is godly (c4 engie)

    hold > q!k 2-1, idk quail too much but i think this will be a close one

    B&H > BLT 2-0, Blackjack is good

    Egfug < dukk 1-2

    :thinking: = SAR , im on thinking

    IBKC > SiG 2-0, roll

    T|9 > //5gum 2-0,

    __ > sm! 2-0 ,

    POON bye week
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    Kegaman versus chocc....
    Oh boy...
    Anyways, kega do what I need to do...

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    3:25 PM - spu: did u see the graffiti valve put on a map with ur name on it
    3:25 PM - andrew: what
    3:25 PM - andrew: no
    3:25 PM - andrew: where
    3:25 PM - andrew: show
    3:26 PM - spu:
    3:26 PM - andrew: you're a real comedian spu


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