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Thread: S23 Platinum: W6 Review, W7 Preview

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    Default S23 Platinum: W6 Review, W7 Preview

    Week 6 Review and Week 7 Preview

    One of our big matchups last week delivered in a huge way, and another one kinda fell by the wayside. In what’s essentially the last week of real competition for the top teams until the 2nd week of playoffs, let’s take some to enjoy what we just had before the nightmare of endgame swiss-cum-almost round robin scheduling sets in.

    Week 6 Review

    East Jabib vs. Dunning-Kruger Effect

    Predicted: 4-2 Jabib
    Result: 4-3 dK

    Maybe I’m just overinflating my sense of importance, but I almost feel that if I never wrote these articles, dK’s still running their early season roster, not scrimming, and they lose this game. Regardless of the root cause, dK’s fire has been lit as they steal the game and the likely 3rd seed from money with this upset. Jabib jumped out 2-0, dK finished out the half strong 3-2, Jabib took round 6 off of an insane hold before losing it in round 7. Notably, bo4r was upgraded for b4niel himself in this game, helping to give dK a flank advantage that I don’t think they would’ve had otherwise. B4nny just barely top damaged his entire team (Joe had <100 and Andrew had <300 total damage less), but this game starts and ends with Andrew. Call it an off-night, tilt, lack of practice or what have you, but watterson got slammed this match in score line, SvS, pressure, you name it. Despite shotaway’s stabs resulting in over half of his 32 deaths, Andrew was a force to be reckoned with, consistently bleeding Jabib’s players and stifling pushes and aggression. Top fragging the server, his med and sniper kills were actually somewhat low, but as an on-fire sniper is oft to do, had large numbers of kills on almost every other class. There were no key picks or targeted aggression, really; this was a man and his gun killing everything that entered his sight. The rest of his team played around him extremely well, with oblivion k+a’ing 26 of shotaway’s deaths and Joe and b4nny keeping watterson down. Almost every dK player outfragged their counterpart, and the few that didn’t had even enough performances that the differences were negligible. I think there are a lot of auxiliary reasons and details I could go into here about why Jabib ‘underperformed’ or what helped dK to turn it around this week, but I think the simple fact is that they were just playing better. A scary thought for playoffs and what’s to come.

    MVP: andrew, HMs: vipa, b4nny

    Kids Next Door vs. Insane Amounts Of Money eSports

    Predicted: 4-2 knd
    Result: 4-0 knd

    This match defied expectations just like the last one, but in the least exciting way possible. Knd showed up and smashed money, plain and simple. Gert and spu had decent enough games (spu’s made better by Jacob’s atrocious 9/25), but with spy as an outlier money was beat on every class. Campy’s 500 dpm was almost matched by SGC’s 497, and split’s hyping himself up for the pyro update with a laughable (in the best way) 25/8 performance. Fygg actually top damaged the server, but with 23 deaths in 22 minutes and a far worse k/d than Campy, I have to wonder if she was dying for that damage. Having not seen the game, Randy seems to be doing just fine on med with only a few more deaths than Nursey, so that’s a positive for money to take moving forward.

    MVP: SGC, HMs: Campy, split

    Chill Penguins vs. Shooting Blanks! Black

    Predicted: 4-1 Bv
    Result: 4-0 Bv

    Bv continues their tear through low platinum without showing any signs of stopping. Taking 4 rounds off sb 20 seconds faster than knd did off money, this loss proved to be too much to handle for sb as it appears they’ll be bowing out of this season, leaving us with only 9 teams. The first thing that jumps to mind in the logs is waxx’s 28/9, 300 dpm engineer performance top fragging and bottom deathing his team, sans medic. The majority of Bv had really strong performances, with monkey’s negative k/d being buoyed by his 500 dpm. An unfortunate loss for sb too, considering rain and jim did their damnedest to pull even a round out, but to no avail. Jim had a field day, top fragging the server and only falling 210 damage short of monkey for the top spot. Rain also pulled out an impressive 25/12, 300 dpm performance, having only 1 more death than jerr for the bottom spot on his team. Bowl failed to show up again in this match, making me wonder if his earlier performances were overperformances or he’s just in a cold streak. The Chef’s Information Network picked up on some rough patches in the sb combo, which may have contributed to Bowl’s decline in performance if they’ve worsened over the season.[*] sb!

    MVP: waxx, HMs: jim, rain

    Disappointments Per Minute vs. .5 Plat

    Predicted: 4-0 DpM
    Result: 4-1 DpM

    A massive upset for .5 as they’re able to take a second round this season, even if that round has a fairly large asterisk next to it. .5 jumped out to an early lead as mondragon’s kunai was no match for rike’s demosilly, as with infantry support from Musique’s KGB and strong recon from Kami, DpM crumbled against the strength of .5. Then the melee round ended and so did the game. 

    MVP: rike, HMs: Musique, Kami

    Second Wind vs. ignorant By Nature!

    Predicted: 4-0 2w
    Result: 4-0 2w

    2w wins the award for quickest 4-0, finishing a whole 4 minutes quicker than knd and Bv. Everyone on 2w showed up, with the possible exception of Sovereign, who told me after the match that his headset was on backwards and that reversed positional audio was throwing him off. Sounds like an excuse to me, but 2w probably could’ve won 8v9 without him regardless. Chicobo followed in waxx’s steps, breaking 300 dpm and almost topfragging with 28 kills. Moondoggy had a field day, with a ridiculous 29/12 kd and 700+ dpm. Jetz had a strong debut on iBN, topfragging the server even with some Legolas action, and lizaR continued his string of quietly strong performances.

    MVP: MoonDoggy, HMs: jetz, Chicobo

    Week 7 Preview

    Well, high plat’s basically locked into a jabib/knd/dK/$ seeding after this week and the only close matches we’ll have moving forward will be between the mid plat teams for seeding. Whether or not playoffs this season will be an 8, 6, or 4 team is still unknown, so these matches still count. Week 7 upward is to my knowledge unheard of in ugc (6 and 8 have happened, but never 7) so we’ll see how late-season upward turns out.

    East Jabib vs. Second Wind

    Jabib Roster Changes: n/a
    2w Roster Changes: n/a

    2w’s gets an unlucky break here as Jabib reaches down to touch them from on high. 2w looks to have improved as of late but even with Jabib losing last week, I don’t think this’ll be much of a contest on upward. Unfortunate.

    Prediction: 2-0 Jabib

    ignorant By Nature! vs. Kids Next Door

    iBN Roster Changes: fluctuating Roster
    knd Roster Changes: n/a

    Gonna see a ton of these coming up this week and next, as the top teams only have lower-level teams to play against.

    Prediction: 2-0 knd

    Shooting Blanks! Black vs. Dunning-Kruger Effect

    sb! Roster Changes: team dead?
    dK Roster Changes: n/a (b4nny retuning for playoffs)

    I don’t even think this will end up being a match.

    Prediction: 0-0 dK

    .5 Plat vs. Insane Amounts Of Money eSports

    .5 Roster Changes: fluctuating roster
    # Roster Changes: n/a

    Gg ez part 4

    Prediction: 2-0 money

    Chill Penguins vs. Disappointments Per Minute

    Bv Roster Changes: n/a
    DpM Roster Changes: Jerrr -> Med

    Our one close match of the week should actually be a good one that’ll have some impact on the standings. Bv’s had a fairly easy time of it after getting back to backed by knd and jabib in the first two weeks, so it’s a little hard to judge them. DpM started off the season with a bang that seems to have tempered down a bit as time’s gone on. Picking up Jerrr should definitely make their combo stronger, as Lion did a decent job for his first season in plat but definitely left a lot to be desired. Bv’s been dominating all of their recent matches on a much easier schedule than DpM whereas DpM’s taken rounds off of $ and dK. With their combo improvements in the form of metawe and Jerrr since those early matches, I think DpM pulls slightly ahead of Bv off the strength of their pick classes and Jaaay’s consistent flank presence. I’m watching for big performances from Kris, Monkey and June to potentially give Bv the win, though.

    Prediction: 2-1 DpM


    Scout: rain (sb)
    Soldier: June (Bv)
    Pyro: Split (knd)
    Demo: rike (.5)
    Heavy: Grandislayer (Jabib)
    Engi: waxx (Bv), Chicobo (2w)
    Medic: vipa (dK)
    Sniper: Andrew (dK)
    Spy: MoonDoggy (2w)

    NUT or CUT


    dK: After 2 consecutive weeks in CUT, dK’s season 180 continues as they end up NUTting this week against Jabib. Having shown themselves to be the strongest team so far this season, a dK that still doesn’t have odb on demo, or corsa anywhere on the roster beating Jabib sends some pretty scary messages for playoffs. You could argue that watterson having a better day leads to Jabib winning this, but it’s ultimately a moot argument since the playoffs dK will almost certainly be stronger than the week 6 dK. Andrew may have made a strong case for keeping him on sniper for the rest of the season, Joe showed that he’s still at top form and many dK members seemed to be in a good groove for the match. I’m hesitant to say that dK would now be #1 in the imaginary power rankings that I’m not keeping, but it’s hard to make much of an argument against them.


    sb!: If sb really is dead, that’d be a damn shame. Plat’s already small enough with 10 teams, and adding in a bye week for the last week would be a really shitty way to go. I understand that it’s hard to find a medic out of nowhere considering Jerrr left for the greener pastures in DpM, but considering that there are only two weeks left and they’d likely only being playing top teams, I don’t think there’s too much harm in getting whoever to play to medic and toughing it out for the rest of the season for the good of the league. Not my call though, and sb didn’t have that bad of a season by any means, having a close game against knd and having some of their players turn some heads in plat this season.


    Spotlight’s Silver Articles: It’s reassuring when there’s any HL content being produced. It’s even more reassuring when there’s enough interest from a few individuals to have content being produced below the top division. Sunfire’s gold articles from seasons past were fantastic and I think Spotlight’s doing a great job shining a light on a bunch of players that might not get any recognition otherwise.


    Insane Amounts Of Money eSports: While they had a close game against Jabib and a 6-2 finish is now almost assured, their failure to take any rounds against knd has them currently sitting in the 4th spot, slated to take on Jabib in the second round of playoffs. I don’t think money had much of a chance placing this season, but if they were going to do it, I think pulling a quick hook on knd would’ve been there only way to do it. Technically speaking, money’s game against Jabib was a lot closer than against knd, but I still think Jabib is the better team and that in a bo3 where steel is banned, money has a better shot at beating knd.


    The great dab King Karl, having been humbled by my articles, has realized his arrogance and has re-rostered the talented and handsome Spades Slick back onto his eTeam. Considering their, quite frankly, effortless and stunning victory against Jabib this week when previous success against such staunch rivals had eluded them, this cannot in any circumstance be considered coincidence and must be attributed to the re-rostering of Mr. Mahoney. Now, while his place on the roster guarantees a certain level of success, ultimate victory is not guaranteed so long as Shawn’s attractive bottom is warming the bench and not the main roster, so Karl still has work to do.


    Prolate Spheroid Football Almond: I don’t know who this man is but Spotlight highlighted him in his article and I think anyone who goes 31/28/17 with almost 400 dpm on viaduct pyro is a either a demon or cheating.


    Lion: I played with this retard in an and he was an absolute fucking clown. Good riddance. Dude plays medic with blinders on, has awareness comparable to that of andrew’s and has sworn a blood oath against arrowing his flank players. Fuck outta here.


    Forum Drama: See a lot of my post-word in last week’s article, but it’s been a ton of fun seeing/participating in forum discussion/drama/flaming like it was the old days. It’s a shame it seems to have toned down a bit but man, that was a blast from the past.


    Shotaway: Didn’t think I’d let you get away easy, did you? If I recall you put Joe in the ground last season playing dK on viaduct, but this season he outfragged you, outdamaged you, all while having 17 less deaths, able to communicate valuable information to his team while you’re looking at a respawn timer like a goddamned fool. How much could you have regressed in one season to be outperformed like this? All of your kills were essentially gifts from Andrew and excluding those you’ve got approximately .5 kills per minute, which is laughable. Shape the fuck up, man.

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    Sick article friend, keep up the good work

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    andrew is better than waterson it shouldn't be surprising he outsniped him

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    Andrew playing all season for us was always the plan. Boar is just playing scout for us occasionally cause we've been needing him, don't be surprised if he's absent entirely from our playoff roster (which shall remain mysterious....). Pretty sure he's concentrating more on doing well in invite. Weird to see an iteration of dK with no boar and with me on medic but here we are

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vipa View Post
    if he's absent entirely from our playoff roster (which shall remain mysterious....)

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    what if i turned around


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    I have come to get revenge on Wall this week 8)

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    i will not stand idly for this blatant denigration and i sincerely question your journalistic and ethical integrity

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    Quote Originally Posted by Narlsson View Post
    what if i turned around

    I heard you crying everytime shotaway stabbed you ): sorry bud
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    It wouldn’t be via week without Andrew crying about shotaway. It’s a UGC tradition.

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    Why are you not listed under the "cut" section

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    Bv knows I don't lose on upward hahaha

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    i will only put sentries where they most inconvenience arzt hispanian and his band of silverbacks

    edit: in platinum it's thought, in platinum they say, that waxx's ego grew three sizes today.
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