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    I am incredibly new to competitive TF2. I've been playing this game for almost 2 years now, despite me not playing as much, and not being as skilled as most people, I am very willing to learn a lot of stuff, and have fun playing competitive. I know very little roll outs, such as the CP_Process and CP_ Gullywash. I am usually active on weekdays from 3:30PM to 10:00PM, and on weekends 5:00AM to around midnight.

    I have 260+ hours as Soldier, along with the overall total of +1,700 hours on TF2 as I am making this thread.

    I am enthusiastic at times, tho having low-self esteem, I usually look forward to the future in a positive way.

    I have the determination to improve on Soldier.

    Here's some things about me:

    I'm 16


    I sound like a squeaker

    Beginner in GFX

    I live on the east coast

    I'm looking for a low to roughly mid Steel team. I also prefer a team that has the following traits:

    * A mix of experienced or non-experienced

    * Not toxic

    * Respectful to one another

    * Good Sportsmanship

    * A team that lives near EST

    Sorry if that's asking for much, but if you're interested, please don't be scared to contact me here:

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    I got into a team! Thread's closed!


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