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Thread: Lft anyclass any division

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    Default Lft anyclass any division

    Comp Play
    UGCS8-Iron IFA Gamma Starting Scout 6-3 Rank 10
    UGCS9-Iron White Lyte Starting Scout 5-4 Rank 24
    UGCS10-Iron KSh Kill-Streak Heroes Starting Scout/leader 6-2 Rank 6
    UGCS11-Silver oWn Our World Now Starting Scout/Leader 4-4 Rank 38
    UGCS12-Silver oWn Our World Now Starting Engie/Leader 4-4 Rank 31 (All-Star Nomination)
    UGCS13 Steel oWn Oprah Winfrey Network AllClassSub/Leader 9-3 Rank 4 (All-Star Spec)
    UGCS14 Silver BUS Commons Short Bus AllClassSub/Leader 7-5 Rank 4
    UGCS15 Gold Rawr. Spacebears Sub Engie 4-4 Rank 10
    UGCS16 Gold Rawr. Spacebears Sub Engie 3-5 Rank 14
    UGCS17 Silver Fe Iron Knife Main Engie/Pyro 4-4

    Plus you can get my Buddy Numbers he is looking for Scout/Solly/Pyro he is A GOD Pretty
    He has play scout and pyro in seasons which it said I lead the team!


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    Played with common is season 14. Hes pretty good and will frag (unless he ends up as medic or something). Also numbers is an insane pryo

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    Once the rust wears off he's def going to he a sleeper and confirm numbers was good can't wait to see him play again


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