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Thread: S23 Platinum: W3 Review, W4 Preview

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    Default S23 Platinum: W3 Review, W4 Preview

    Week 3 Review and Week 4 Preview

    Vanguard week definitely brought some entertaining matches. I’m hoping that as the map gets played more and people get more familiar with it, a lot of the needless hate for the map starts to dissolve a bit. The mids need some work and last doesn’t always play out super smoothly, but 2nd is super well done and the map has a really nice flow to it. My preds were also fairly accurate, so score one for the chef.

    Week 3 Review

    The News vs. East Jabib

    Predicted: 5-0 jabib
    Result: 5-0 jabib

    God bless and good riddance to The News. The plug was finally pulled after enough community hate and a surprising lack of Administrative Discretion, and I can’t say I’m too torn up about them going. Echoing shotaway, had the admins stepped in sooner and done something about some of the flagrant offenders on this team, maybe they survive, but that’s not what happened. As for the match, RAPTOR steamrolled The News. Someone on the news with 6s connections, likely bullet(?), called in some allies for this match and they weren’t names to scoff at: habib and goldfish. The goldfish scout was fairly negligible but habib strutted on Jabib, top fragging and damaging the match while his team was getting rolled in 15 minutes. If sniper Wenk has cheats, he certainly didn’t use them, barely breaking 100 dpm. Jabib performed well all around, with no real standout performance. Technically speaking, though, one player on Jabib did standout: shotaway. Regular resident of the leaderboards’ lower layers, the human trash bag had a relatively strong performance, actually outdamaging and fragging his counterpart, just barely. Whether or not a 2 frag advantage on a player with 2 seasons in steel and 1 in silver should be deemed acceptable by a player who was playing 17 seasons ago isn’t up to me, but this constant underperformance could eventually end up burning RAPTOR in playoffs.

    MVP: Habib, HMs: Grandi

    Kids Next Door vs. aplbes

    Predicted: KND victory
    Result: 5-1 knd

    While the overall score seems reasonable, this game garnered a lot of attention considering that at the first half, the score was tied 1-1. Had aplbes taken a quick hook off an unstable knd roster on vanguard, I could’ve believed it considering some of the players on aplbes are fairly comptent. A 1-1 at the half, however, leans towards aplbes equally contesting knd, which is definitely a surprise from a team that almost lost to iBN last week. There [i]is[/is] a caveat here, though: Nursey’s uber spread in the first half was 3 Ubers to 14 Kritzes (with an uncharacteristic 18 deaths likely resulting from this) while Bowl was getting a constant stream of ubers. This explains Bowl’s insane 44/17, 530 dpm first half which then faded in the second half as aplbes hopped on the kritz train with knd leaning towards ubers. Another thing to note is SGC on scout with Scizor on sniper, and while both are capable, stats in the second half would lead to the conclusion they’d be better off swapped in the future. Paddie also joined the rotating door of kndemomen, and his offclassing didn’t seem to be helping knd that much. Aplbes as a team was playing well off of Bowl in the first half, though, outfragging knd by nearly 25 with a ton of players having good games, such as rain and Real eGirl spy waterr. As the VoxDei cast hopped on this game after TroLL vs. 2w, the casters curse hit aplbes, and the result was a slow but eventual 4-0 for knd in the second half. Rain kept up his dominance here, though, ending the match as the top fragger in the server over Bowl. Props to aplbes for playing such an even game with the big boys, though. Side note: while his performance wasn’t as standout as knd may have hoped, new spy Jacob is already performing better than ex-main Dimento, approaching a 1.0 k/d with a solid kill spread, something his former never could’ve dreamed of.

    MVP: Bowl, HMs: rain, Kresnik, scizor

    Insane Amounts of Money eSports vs. Second Wind

    Predicted: 2w to find out why my name was on the map
    Result: 2w found out why my name was on the map (5-0)

    Personally, was a little disappointed by this match. We were really shaky in all of our scrims this weekend so I was fairly nervous going into this, but 2w looked even more out of place than we were. The wealthy warriors hit 2w not one, not two, but 4 quick hooks, jumping out to a 4-0 lead in a mere 9 minutes (which was slightly more due to spu’s failure to reset the config). 2w did find a bit of a groove entering the 2nd half, considering that our 5th round took twice as long to take as the previous 4 combined. Things were fairly back and forth, more towards my expectations, and they were milliseconds away from taking a round at one point but hunter, hyphen and cas pulled an incredible 3v6 last defense to save the round. Unfortunately, the game had an anticlimactic conclusion as Fygg and I dropped out of upper and capped while both teams had uber. Lots of strong performances from Money here, with only marty and spu going negative, although marty sill broke 400 dpm, which is impressive. While I’m aware that Daffodil maincalls the team from soldier, I can’t say I agree with his combo playstyle, being outdamaged by marty with double his deaths and heals; a player with 20% heals really shouldn’t be competing with your spy for top deathing, especially when his game impact felt fairly limited from my perspective. Speaking of minimal impact, the legendary feint himself felt a little underwhelming, having not touched me a single time. He had a few kills on our sniper, demo, and engie, but otherwise I didn’t notice him that much. Metawe did have a good game, though, top damaging in the server over fygg and having one of the better k/ds on his team.

    MVP: Hyphen, HMs: Metawe, gert

    Disappointments Per Minute vs. Dunning-Kruger Effect

    Predicted: 5-1 dK
    Result: 4-3 dK

    Haha, god damn. I was conservative when writing this because I wanted to look at dK objectively, but I was secretly hoping DpM could go full chaos style on dK and that’s exactly what happened. Having scrimmed DpM twice this week, they’re a frustrating team to play against on any map, vanguard most of all. Jaaay and dev are always where you don't want them to be and durr is an absolute nightmare to play against, as a sniper skilled with bow and rifle. I thought dK’s experience and individual skill would be able to counteract it, but the scoreline clearly suggests otherwise. dK had a ton of class changes mid match making tracking things difficult, Although it looks like the initial scout/heavy/medic of bo4r/carcin/karl changed to carcin and karl splitting scout/heavy with skeez coming in on medic after the first half as bo4r presumably had to leave for 6s. A little disconcerting then is that dK went 1-3 in the second half, and one less round in the first half would’ve led to an overtime half. I can understand a lot of the frustration dK went through though, since DpM’s combo feels like a scarecrow since you can get picks on them and then you drop 3 people out of nowhere and you can’t push. Jaaay and Durr both had massive games with some ridiculous individual kill totals, although carcin and the rest of dK seem to have outperformed most of DpM on average. I don’t have full context but I do know that at least one (possibly two of the rounds) went to DpM due to Spades running melee only, which makes conclusions even harder to draw from this game. Mustard and Wookiee nearly had the same dpm and deaths but mustard had almost double the kills, so I don’t know if that’s better cleanup damage, concentrated burst damage to pick people, or what. dK is certainly in disarray right now with Spades having been unceremoniously ousted post-victory, and while as long as odb is shining a spotlight on week 9, the future is still bright, but dK’s path to that is unclear.

    MVP: Carcin, HMs: Jaaay, Durr

    ignorant By Nature! vs. .5 Plat

    Predicted: 5-2 iBN
    Result: 4-1 iBN

    They finally did it, boys. More than 2 seasons after their inception as a team, iBN takes their first legitimate win on 9/25/17. It may not have been graceful considering some of their aliases, it happened, and they should be proud of it. This game, like some of the others this week, had two separate stories in each half. iBN jumped out to a slow but strong 4-0 in the first half, with .5 Plat stopped their momentum in the 2nd half and taking a round of their own, which they should be pretty proud of as well. iBN seemed to have some player changes in the 2nd half, which may have contributed to the sub-5 round total, but that’s not to take anything away from .5. iBN was carried by strong performances from Akemi, f][re and a player named memori on demo, soldier, and sniper respectively. Medic charis had a strong performance as well, and while not playing the full match, 45 assists to 14 deaths is a solid statline. On Gnu’s side, big performances from PKG, Upgrade and Kami on soldier/engi/spy helped keep iBN at 4 rounds and take a round of their own. This match made me glad: iBN got their win and .5 got a round, both things they can work off of going forward. If we want to apply the transitive property, .5 was able to take a half off iBN, who nearly beat an aplbes that went even with knd for a half. Therefore, .5 is basically able to go even with knd for a half. QED, bitches.

    MVP: akemi, HMs: PKG, f][re

    Week 4 Preview

    As we move to swiftwater week, all eyes should rightfully be on the knd/jabib matchup that’ll likely decide who goes undefeated and gets the 1st seed. There’s some fairly large skill discrepancies between the 4 other matches this week, drawing eyes to the headline of the week. I said almost the same thing on lakeside though and was pleasantly surprised, but I doubt that’ll happen again this week.

    East Jabib vs. Kids Next Door

    Syath SCOUT sandblast?
    mirrorman SOLDIER Etney
    zUCHIMA PYRO Billysaurus
    exile DEMO ?
    Grandi HEAVY Kresnik
    Spamfest ENGI Scratchy
    turkey MEDIC Nursey
    watterson SNIPERScizor
    shotaway SPY Jacob

    I’m pretty hyped for this match. I think there’s a lot more uncertainty around the victor than knd/dK, and unfortunately a lot of that uncertainty is due to knd not having secured a main demoman yet. The slight downward trend from Jarrett to Campy to Paddie doesn’t suggest good things, but I’ll be working this prediction under the assumption they get someone equivalent to Campy. I trust the DM on Jabib to be superior to that on KND’s in almost every class, but knd’s longtime shtick has been beating teams with better DM than them, so I don’t know how much that’ll mean in the long run. A (serious) Nursey’s calling and game impact is so much more than any other player currently playing, so I don’t think you can ever count knd out of any match. That being said, I think I’m leaning jabib on this match. While they’ve had the easiest schedule so far out of any of the top 5 teams (having not played knd, dK, money or even DpM), they’re the only team that hasn’t shown any uncertainty yet and seem fairly stable, although the Chef’s Patented Information Network may have heard some whispers of that changing. Personal experience tells me that Jabib is pretty strong on Swift, specifically regarding combo, and I have to wonder how much Nursey’s experience will weigh against the lack of a permanent demo. I’d take the syath/mirrorman flank over sandblast/etney on individual player skill alone, and I think scizor’s lukewarm performance last week has me feeling watterson slightly. Ultimately, it comes down to if knd’s stellar teamplay is able to overcome Jabib’s all-around skill. And without Jarrett, I’m feeling no.

    Prediction: 2-1 Jabib

    Insane Amount of Money eSports vs. ignorant By Nature!

    hyphen SCOUT Apt
    Marty SOLDIER f][re
    Hunter PYRO pnut
    fygg DEMO Akemi
    Trelan HEAVY ebsikl
    Cas ENGI Dest? Abridge?
    Alto MEDIC charis
    gert SNIPER memori?
    spu SPY Abridge?

    This is gonna be short since I had just written the preview for money vs. aplbes until I saw that iBN had their week 1 loss overturned due to wenk finally getting banned so now I have to rewrite some of these and I’m fucking pissed.

    Prediction: I Predict My Team To Win

    Shooting Blanks! Black vs. DpM

    Jaaay SCOUT rain
    Dev SOLDIER SolidRock
    Arzt PYRO Lambda
    Wookiee DEMO Bowl
    RonnieJ HEAVY Chris
    IcedKappa ENGI tator171
    Lion MEDIC Jerrr?
    durr SNIPER jim
    mondragon SPY waterr

    Since I wrote the lead-in to this without knowing about the iBN win this match ends up being a lot closer than it would’ve been. Aplbes is hard to read, underperforming against iBN one week and overperforming against knd the next. DpM’s been inconsistently consistent all season, having all 3 of their games so far decided by 1 round (s14 door the only other team to do that to my knowledge) and even though some of those rounds against dK had an asterisk next to them, I think it still cements DpM as a solid 5th place team. I still think they’re a team of high highs and low lows and they fluctuate frequently between those, and I think that works to aplbes’ favor. Even with the demo matchup extremely favored towards aplbes, Durr and Jaaay have so much impact and are so hard to read that I have to lean DpM on this.

    Prediction: 2-1 DpM

    Dunning-Kruger Effect vs. Second Wind

    bo4r? SCOUT Nucket
    vipa SOLDIER Lavableman
    Oblivion PYRO Pyrrhus
    mustardoverlord DEMO Daffodil
    carcin HEAVY Kamil
    ? ENGI Chicobo
    Karl MEDIC wolsne
    andrew SNIPER Sovereign
    Joe SPY MoonDoggy

    I’m willing to give dK the benefit of the doubt so far. The borneo loss was TroLL coming out quick against a dK roster that had played together only in pregame (+1 scrim with a different roster), the knd loss was to be expected, and DpM on vanguard is probably the worst team to draw in their position considering their playstyle. But here’s where they have to turn it around and show that there is a crystalline center in the middle of the nasty, dirty geode. Even if feint is taking over on main spy from MoonDoggy (unconfirmed), I don’t think 2w to contest dK like their previous 3 opponents had. If dK drops a half or looks shaky here, there’s gonna be a serious question of why they’re still sitting on some of the best HL players. 2w, meanwhile, has the opportunity to pounce on a weakened dK missing two mains and having shaky performances from some of the other 7. A win or a round here would go a long way towards boosting team confidence, instilling faith in the roster and shaking up dK even further.

    Prediction: 2-0 dK

    Chill Penguins vs. .5 Plat

    whymeo SCOUT rike
    Johnny PYRO Plissken
    monkey66 DEMO altra
    Paals HEAVY Musique
    larryT? ENGI Upgrade
    Wall MEDIC Gnu
    percy SNIPER seanski
    Kris18 SPY Kami

    Bv seems to have an easy path laid out for them coming out of a Bye Week. I can’t see any timeline where they don’t win this match, and it’s unfortunate that .5’s road from last week on is only getting harder as they’ll be forced to play better and better teams due to the small population of plat this season. Bv has better teamwork, players, and experience than .5 so I think the chances of them taking a round are extremely small. That being said, Bv’s not a team that’s not totally unattainable, so .5 should try to work off some of their success against an iBN that currently has a better record than dK and try to make some of the halves close.

    Prediction: 2-0 Bv


    Scout: Jaaay (DpM)
    Soldier: PKG (.5)
    Pyro: Hunter (money)
    Demo: Bowl (aplbes)
    Heavy: Kresnik (knd)
    Engi: Upgrade (.5)
    Medic: charis (iBN)
    Sniper: Durr (DpM)
    Spy: Joe (dK)

    NUT or CUT

    …Not this week. Sorry guys. Hildreth was able to do these weekly due to the larger number of teams playing in the past, but with only 10 teams now I think I’m going to make this section biweekly so that the quality stays high and I don’t have to force content.

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    thank god for alto!

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    these are awesome man! Always look forward to them

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    whats HMs also someone pick me up i dont have shit to do on mondays

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    I am kinda salty getting cut after performing well because the team would rather listen to daf how to play highlander instead of someone who has played plat for 4 years and won 3 times ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Feint left 2w after they cut me.
    HM is honorable mention

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    Great job as always alto

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    I am sorry to aplbes for cursing your match with my presence.
    I was paid by Billysaurus to cast it

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    I’m back to frag RonnieJ after missing this week. Please cast us. And thanks for the write ups Alto.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VoxDei View Post
    I am sorry to aplbes for cursing your match with my presence.
    I was paid by Billysaurus to cast it
    I was unaware I did that, but I am a man Dinosaur of my word, send me your paypal, and I will compensate you for your services.

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    I was attempting to have some melee duels with my Engineer partner in crime IcedKappa, sadly there were multiple roadblocks that sought to stop that...

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    I cut Spades Slick

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    Quote Originally Posted by Metawe View Post
    I am kinda salty getting cut after performing well because the team would rather listen to daf how to play highlander instead of someone who has played plat for 4 years and won 3 times ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Feint left 2w after they cut me.
    HM is honorable mention
    The decision was based on team chemistry not your performance. We like you, but our play-styles did not feel compatible.

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    I cut Spades Slick
    Hey me too high five

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