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Thread: NicKk lft Engi/Demo

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    Default NicKk lft Engi/Demo

    Looking to play Engineer or Demo for a Plat team this season.

    UGC HL S11 [Platinum] - Death Marked Soldiers Engineer
    UGC HL S12 [Gold] - Pregame Tryhards/SomalianSpiritSquad Engineer
    UGC HL S13 [Gold] - Getting Technical Engineer â* 2nd Place â*
    UGC HL S15 [Platinum] - Route from Smokin Trees Engineer
    UGC HL S18 [Silver] - Dragon Tales Demo

    hit me up dads.
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    bump for s24. looking to play demo or engineer in silver or low plat

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    would be down to sub for a plat team as engineerrrrr

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    Put him on sniper in silver so he may redeem himself against podgy <3

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    try me out flanks hate me because I'm dumb

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    still LFT engineer or demo for a low/mid plat team.

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    actually a good engi, can definitely play top 5 if given the chance

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    Really good at engie, enjoyed trying him out. Please give him a good home this season.

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    Awesome engie, great player

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    no longer looking. thanks for the kind words !

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    DpM died. probably just going to backup for FF but bumping to see if any silver teams need a sniper/demo


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