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Thread: Highlander Heavy, Medic, Engie Main for Hire

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    Default Highlander Heavy, Medic, Engie Main for Hire

    Hi, I'm looking for a team who would be willing to recruit me. I'm always willing to learn more and improve and I think a team who's friendly and encouraging would be nice. I have a mic too. I have over 2600 hours in TF2, with about 350 on Medic, Almost 200 on Engie, and Heavy with over 150. However I consider my heavy to be my second best. I'm pretty much always available for games, it'd be honestly more strange for me not to be able to play. I learn very quickly too.

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    I have added you on steam, creating a team today.

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    When I logged in I didn't see your friend request, try sending it again? Once I get it I'd be glad to invite you to my Discord so we can chat and get to know each other more and discuss strats and whatever else.

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    I also tried adding you, maybe that'll work?

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    Still looking for a Highlander team if anyone is interested.

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    For anyone who sees this I found a HL team.


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