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    Serious question, is there a possibility to make the regular seasons a week or two longer? I feel that 95% of people I talk to always have some complaint with map pools. I think in the past with plat round robins the current season length was necessary, but as long as it doesn't interfere with the lengths of the offseason or whatever I think even adding one week per season would be really beneficial for the map pool.

    To give an example of the current limitations of a 8-week season, as-is we have
    -3 maps that stay every season (Upward, Product, Steel)
    -In 4 of the past 5 seasons (including the upcoming one) a 5cp map in some sort of rotation (process, gully, vanguard)
    -In 3 of the past 5 seasons both Ashville and Lakeside, and once in the other two (being replaced by Cascade in the current season)
    -In 3 of the past 5 seasons both Borneo and Swiftwater, with Swiftwater alone in season 21 and a big exception in 22 with neither

    Which essentially leaves 1-2 weeks for new/different maps, and in practice has resulted in:
    -1 map s19
    -1 map s20
    -0 maps s21
    -2 maps s22 (Millstone was played two seasons prior but I'll still count it)
    -1 map s23

    Plus the unquantifiable "I'd switch pl_X for pl_Y" that you hear from almost everyone, which, while you can never truly fix, can be at least slightly remedied with an extra map.

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    The admins like having 3 seasons a year at predictable and semi regular time frames so changing the format much would make that impossible as you could only fit two seasons a year


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