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Thread: a GOLDEN question

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    no, it will never happen, stop asking

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    I will be the last gold champion it will never come back

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    lmfao if you want a gold badge just play 4s. It's just that easy...

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    Do you realize that the teams that would potentially move down from plat would be the same teams you would play in low platinum? Are you that afraid of playing maybe 2 games all season that you might not be able to compete in?

    Why is this even a discussion?

    How do I press snooze until the season starts?

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    you should read this
    Quote Originally Posted by Comanglia View Post
    1st Top Gluttons TG - folded (reformed S11 in platinum)
    2nd Literally Borderline Platinum lbp - folded
    3rd The Last Bosses tLB - 7th out of 12 S10 Platinum played S11 platinum as well

    S10 (summer season no playoffs)
    1st Self-Sustaining Mexican Cat Ranch - 10 / 12 teams that played full season in S11 platinum
    2nd Joint Fighter Wing - Folded
    3rd Nine In A Million - 6th in Gold S11

    1st Dunning-Kruger Effect - Still alive and going in Platinum
    2nd Cranked Gaming - Folded (shouldn't have been in gold in the first place though had 6 main and 3 IM players never scrimmed, constantly changing classes and still got 2nd)
    3rd Seven Years Dungeon! - Folded

    1st Pregame Tryhards - 7th out of 15 in S13 Platinum
    2nd Kids Next Door - Mid platinum S13, multiple high platinum seasons until S20
    3rd Scifi Channel Originals - Folded week 5 in S13 Platinum (alot of them moved on to KND though)

    1st Toilet Goers - Top Gluttons V3 folded
    2nd Getting Technical - Folded
    3rd Chill Penguins - Still alive and going typically round mid platinum S14 onward

    1st '92 DREAM TEAM - Played S15/17/18 in platinum
    2nd Muma and the Moomoos - Folded
    3rd Independent Fighters Alliance - Last place in S15 Platinum went back to gold for S16/17/18

    1st Squirtle Squad - folded
    2nd John Madden - folded
    3rd Dream Killers - folded several players from this team and the 2nd place team merged with members from the 4th place team to play S16 Platinum 5th of 9

    1st Pepe Peddlers - Folded returned to gold in S18
    2nd bonus! Points - Folded
    3rd Wong, Corwin - Age 19 - Folded after 4 losses in Platinum S17

    1st Voltage Gaming - Became EVL gaming Low-Platinum S18/19
    2nd in memory of bff-forever - Gold 1st Place S18 (dies in platinum S19 after 3 matches they won...)
    3rd Pay 2 Win - Folded

    1st glider and the -_-'s - 2nd place Gold S17 folded S19 in platinum after 3 matches
    2nd Social Justice Warriors - Folded
    Title Revoked - Quail Noises - Won Gold had a cheating sniper - Folded

    1st Easy Money HL - Folded
    2nd Roadkill! - Folded cameback S22 platinum (lot of players recycled to Gold for S20 and got 4th)
    3rd Order of the EZIC Star - Folded

    S20 - Last season of Gold
    1st Slammin JAMMERS
    2nd Dedoris
    3rd AyyLmao

    All 3 of those teams played platinum next season after Gold was removed, though I clearly remember Alto threatening to fold if his team (Dedoris) got moved up.

    Gold hasn't exactly had a good track record of being a stepping stone into platinum (at least for teams) with only 6 of the 32 top 3 teams from pre S20 Gold playing more than 1 season in Platinum (after playing gold technically Bonus! and RANCH played multiple seasons of Platinum before Gold even existed) 13/32 teams played Platinum at some point after gold not counting S20 (3 of which folded early in the only season of platinum they were in). It would be a lot more accurate if specific players were being tracked but I'd rather not go through that much trouble.

    S15/16/17/18/19 Saw 4 teams go from Gold to Platinum 2 of which died after 3 or 4 matches. (I'm being generous with counting Silver Savages here)

    S9/10/11/12/13/14 Saw 10 teams go from Gold to Platinum 1 of which died after 4 matches. (This does have 1 extra season but still the move up rate was much better for early gold)

    Gold died cause teams/players didn't want to move up anymore. Same will happen to Silver if teams still pussy out.

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    man i remember s15 gold that was sick

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    Quote Originally Posted by SpongeBobCalculator View Post
    man i remember s15 gold that was sick
    up until a bunch of madden players were getting ddosed in the finals and they had to re-play the match with no cast and everyone set to offline

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    i just wanted to see what people would say (yes or no)

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    Quote Originally Posted by crab_f View Post
    up until a bunch of madden players were getting ddosed in the finals and they had to re-play the match with no cast and everyone set to offline
    i was 1 of them

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