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Thread: Minion LFT Low-Mid Silver pyro

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    Default Minion LFT Low-Mid Silver pyro

    I'm fully committed to daddy DeeDee this season but I'm making this post because I wanna see if there are any silver teams who still need a pyro. I have two full seasons of steel pyro under my belt and I have close to 300 hours on pyro even though I reset my stats a few times. I know that I'm not the best pyro statistically but I feel that I've improved and become a better pyro in my two seasons of leading PMDT and I'm ready to play in silver. Add me on steam or pm me on discord if you're interested.

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    Bump still looking

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    classic example of the dunning-kruger-effect
    "brainlet pyro" -xbs

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    Bump, still looking

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