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Thread: looking for players for a serious team

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    Exclamation looking for players for a serious team

    Im looking for players to join my team "Great Moves". If your looking for a team that isn't very serious about the game or competitive this isn't for you. If you intend to be dedicated to this team and willing to work with fellow team members even with opposing view points and opinions. I want this team to have potential and become something I hope that everyone will support each other and help everyone become a better player.
    My requirements are simple
    You must have discord
    you have to be dedicated to the team don't just leave after one season
    you gotta be willing to work with everyone on the team.
    an interview is mandatory
    Add me on steam and send me a msg
    currently all positions are open

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    I have a combined 2000+ hours on TF2 (My 'new' main account has only 700), most of that time has been spent playing as the Medic. I left TF2 around when Overwatch (I was a Mercy Main) came out and just now started to get back into the game.

    I should be able to play Medic fairly decent once I start to get the hang of things again. If you're interested in adding feel free to add me at:

    (Make sure you leave a comment and tell me you're from UCG and interested in adding me to the team)

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