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Thread: LFT top silver Sniper

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    Smile LFT top silver Sniper

    Hey I'm looking for a highlander team for s23 as sniper

    I have like 1,300 hours on sniper or something

    Here's my HL history: (at least the parts that matter)
    Season 16 Iron: Cyber Chronicles - 5-0 (died)
    Season 16 Iron cont.: Open All Night - 6-4
    Season 19 Steel: - SuperSexySteelGamerGirls - 6-3
    Season 20 Silver: Literally Anything Else - 4-4
    Season 22 Silver: Literally Anything Else - 2-2 before we died
    Season 22 Silver cont.: Apolodosh - 11-2 (Sniper sub, played several scrims but no officials)

    I have premium for the next 2 years, & have a mumble server too.

    I'm never toxic or clutter comms

    I am free every night, I work during the day until ~3:00-4:00pm EST

    I'm in the middle of the East Coast, any server location works fine for me

    add me on steam if you're interested:

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    Not annoying. Open to improvement and is generally a nice person to hang around.
    "brainlet pyro" -xbs

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    this man good af tho

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    the floor


    this guy owns oml

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    bUMp i need a team even if i subbbb

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    he's super fat and looks like a dad lol
    "brainlet pyro" -xbs


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