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Thread: StarTard LFT Engie S23 (Main or Sub)

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    Default StarTard LFT Engie S23 (Main or Sub)

    Hey all, StarTard here, and I'm looking for a winning team to play on this coming season! I have plenty of experience, having over 2000 hours on Engineer and almost 4000 hours total, and have played in Silver for a three seasons, two of which were on Playoff teams:

    ~S22~ Got2Blast: Engineer Main, later Sub (made Playoffs)
    ~S21~ Silver Teams Don't Work: Engineer Main (made Playoffs)
    ~S20~ Crit Sandvich: Engineer Sub

    I'd like to say I'm very good, but I'm still learning and have plenty of experience left to gain! I learn quickly, have plenty of free time, have a good mentality, communicate well, and have a good attitude towards the game in general. In terms of supportive gameplay, you will find no finer Engineer.

    Hours of availability:
    ANY DAY after 8:00 PM

    Mumble, Discord

    My Steam profile:

    Contact me if you wish to try me out. Just make sure to leave a comment on my profile saying who you are when you add me!
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    +rep can frag


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