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Thread: S22 Silver All-Star Voting Thread

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    Default S22 Silver All-Star Voting Thread

    Hey everyone! I'm gonna try and bring back Silver All-Stars for S22. I ask the following of those voting:

    1. Nominees must be currently rostered on a Silver team.
    2. Up to two nominations per class.
    3. You can not vote for players on your own team.
    4. Voters must be rostered on a Silver team.


    your name, your team


    Happy voting!

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    Bonesaw, Seductive 9

    Scouts: myk and hyphen (honorable mentions to Kyubi & Poseidon)

    Soldiers: Solidrock and SmAk

    Pyros: Puffalo and Eloch

    Demos: fygg and Arzt

    Heavies: civ and Chocc

    Engis: Mothership and Buttface

    Meds: Baron von Redberry and Sparhawk (Medic Main)

    Snipers: Markers and VoxDei <- If he doesn't get nominated I will take legal action against this fraudulent affair.

    Spies: moey and Fallen
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    duck, sfea

    scout: myk, steve
    soldier: smak, solidrock
    pyro: eloch, bm
    demo: fygg, bowlofsweat
    heavy: guy, lrmit
    engie: nect0, mothership
    med: sparhawk, jer
    sniper: markers, shaayy
    spy: moey, shanker I'm laying on the floor and rolling around because idk what to do

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    DoofedUpWiener, Aplbes

    Scouts: Soccer Steve and Hyphen
    Soldiers: Solidrock, Smak
    Pyro: Eloch, BM
    Demo: Fygg, Artz
    Heavy: Guy, Civ
    Engi: Buttface, Rebel
    Medic: Sparhawk, MasterFrasca
    Sniper: Markers, Kronky
    Spy: Dooter, Moey
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    xieso, leviticus

    scout: myk, poseidon
    soldier: Solidrock
    pyro: tom servo, eloch
    demo: bowlofmayo
    heavy: Paul
    engie: shia, mothership
    medic: lorgon
    sniper: shay
    spy: fallen, moose in a suit
    Last edited by Xieso; August 9th, 2017 at 06:31 AM.

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    for real this time
    shia, B&H
    scout: Hyphen
    soldier: solid, smak
    pyro: eloch
    demo: bowlofmayo
    heavy: civ, chocc
    engie: mothership, buttface
    medic: sparhawk, lorgon
    sniper: markers, kronky
    spy: dooter, moey

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    Puffalo, Skate Fast Eat Ass
    scouts: Soccer Steve, Poseidon
    soldiers: Puppy21, Smak
    pyros: Eloch, BM
    demos: Fygg, PsychoPsyduck
    heavies: Zacice, Guy's sound ESP (You the real mvp)
    meds: Sparhawk (Not the bug),
    snipers: Voxdei, Markers
    spies: Yonnie, Moey

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    dooter, sfea

    scout: steve, poseidon
    soldier: smak, puppy21
    pyro: smokee, eloch
    demo: bowl, fygg
    heavy: zacice, lrmit
    engie: please let me vote rebel he was on vengeance (necto and rebel)
    med: sparhawk, sparhawk lol
    sniper: shay, markers
    spy: shanker, moey

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    Rebel, SFEA

    scouts: Steve, Poseidon
    soldiers: Smak, Puppy
    pyros: Charizard, Eloch
    demos: Psyduck, bowlofmayo
    heavies: Guy
    engies: nect0
    meds: Sparhawk
    snipers: VoxDei, Shay
    spies: Yonnie, Moey

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    Sparhawk PYP

    hyphen and steve
    solidrock and cray
    eloch and smokee
    heavy: lrmit and civ
    sniper: shay and kronky
    spy: colourist and dooter
    Last edited by colerino; August 9th, 2017 at 04:30 AM.

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    Micahlele Brave Little Toasters

    Scout: Bonesaw, Poseidon
    Soldier: Smak and Puppy
    Pyro: Eloch Tom Servo
    Demo: bowlofmayo
    Heavy lrmit
    Engie: nect0
    Medic: Sparhawk
    Sniper: VoxDei
    Spy: Moey

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    SmAk, PYP

    Scouts: hyphen and soccersteve
    Soldier: I can't help the competition so nobody
    Pyro: Puffalo and Eloch
    Demo: Nobody can touch Fygg so nobody
    Heavy: Civ and Zacice
    Engie: Necto and Michael
    Medic: Sparhawk
    Sniper: Shaay and Kronky
    Spy: dooter and doofed

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    Eloch, Apolodosh

    Scout: Myk and Hyphen
    Soldier: SolidRock and Puppy21
    Pyro: BM and Puffalo
    Demo: Fygg, Bowl
    Heavy: Guy, Civ
    Engineer: Buttface, Rebel
    Sniper: Markers, Kronky
    Spy: Dooter, DoofedUpWeine

    Thanks for a great season
    Last edited by Eloch; August 9th, 2017 at 11:38 AM.
    hey :>

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    spu, Order of the EZIC Star

    scouts: Rei, Will
    soldiers: crimson, Gabe
    pyros: KootyKat, Puffalo
    demos: thwip, source
    heavies: Randy W, GrandiSlayer
    engineers: Nect0, apple
    medics: rrrush, Cider
    snipers: Fallen Lord, Aaron
    spies: Zero, mondragon

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    smokee, aplbes

    scouts: myk/steve
    soldiers: solidrock/cray
    pyros: eloch/bm
    demos: fygg
    heavies: civ
    engies: nect0
    meds: sparhawk/
    snipers: shay/kronky
    spies: dooter/moey (the only spies i actually ever had a hard time with)


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