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Thread: S22 Steel HL All-Star Thread

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    Skaterboys Joey for all star soldier thansk

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    Point and click adventure guy: miggy

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    Skaterboys Joey for all star soldier thansk
    6:07 AM - Vegan: do NOT shit post on my threads. I didn't kneel to you and give the spot right away. Go the fuck back to silver where you belong and don't talk shit because you have nothing to say

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raisin | View Post
    Congrats to all the teams on a great season. There were a ton of fantastic matches throughout, and a lot of great plays by some fantastic players.
    Anyways, here are my picks for All-Stars (Not including players from my own team, of course):

    Scout: Lecrum (KK)
    Soldier: Dogo (Cute)
    Pyro: Werewolves (c4)
    Demo: Norphel (TLB)
    Heavy: Moist Master (Cute)
    Engie: mono (Cute)
    Med: The Little Green Man, Clayton (TLB)
    Sniper: Mikeeee (TLB)
    Spy: koolaidalan (cT)
    Scout:Lecrum KK
    Soldierogo Cute
    Pyro: Who (UFD)
    Demo: NorpheL
    Heavy: Dave (UFD)
    Engineer: I dunno
    Sniper: ???
    Medic: CAT C4
    Spy: wizbird (BAP)


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