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    Default p0llux lft Engi s23

    tbh I'm not even that sure about playing comp in general next season and I'd much rather play in Silver than Plat. But, it's early so I will keep my options open and see how it all goes.

    s19 Iron - Slap Kings: Main Engi (3-2, team died)
    s20 Steel - Black Trash Bags: Main Engi (5-4 Playoffs)
    s21 Silver - Silver Teams Don't Work: Main Engi (4-5 Playoffs)
    s22 Silver - Gotta Blast: Main Engi Weeks 1 & 2, moved to Sub due to internet complications (6-2 ongoing, playoffs)

    Internet has been a problem for me in the past but I will have it fixed by the start of the season so no need to worry.


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    The only sub i have on my roster that actually cares if we win or not, great guy, really fun to be around, only limitation is his internet. give him a shot


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