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    Unhappy LFT Sniper


    Looking to play for a steel team in need of a sniper S23. Not entirely sure what my schedule is going to be like, but I’m happy to communicate if there are any complications.

    3,000+ Hours in TF2
    600+ Hours on Sniper

    S21 UGC Steel | Bamboozled Again - Main Sniper
    S22 UGC Silver | Bright New Future 2.5: Return of the Halfwits - Sub Sniper

    Add me here if you’d like:

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    Wile was a really good pick up for us on sub sniper. Our main was busy a decent amount, and Wile was able to fill in reliably. He also did really well holding his own in silver. If you're looking for a top steel sniper for next season, look no further.
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    Wile is a very good sniper, Give him a high steel team, please. He's fun in mumble or discord if thats what you use, hes good at sniping, is always trying to improve, He's the best pick up you could make
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    /10 owns

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    +rep, listens to me get drunk.

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    added about joining :^)

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    Kohi is too good for steel!! You'll be lucky to get him on your team. :^)


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