Name: TagMeister (Tag for short) and irl Leandro Capstick
Location: west (Switzerland)
Age: 16
Languages spoken: English / German ( Italian / French )
Availability: Every evening except for monday and friday. Saturday all afternoon.
Steam profile Link:

Hi my name is Leandro, I've been playing for aprox. 4 years now, but not very regularly. Over the past year I've been getting into TF2 more and more, and currently have 480 hours on the game, and have played 85 lobbies on TF2 Center. BTW I'm completly new to Leagues and my only competetive experience is on TF2Center and Valves Competetive Mode. Lastly I also main Sniper.
( miscellaneous stuff:Yes i have a mic, Teamspeak, Mumble and discord)

Thanks for your Time